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PBC News & Comment: Smart, Stable People Don’t Brag “I’m Like, Really Smart”

Fresh fodder for late-night comics, defensive, insecure Trump blabbers about how he is, “like” really smart, stable, and a genius….–The Don dispatched Steve Miller to wrassle with Jake Tapper, and both men think they won

–Oprah gave a great speech at Golden Globes, leading many desperate Americans to embrace the idea she should run for president; she, too is a stable genius

–establishment Dem Paul Waldman says “Get a Grip” in WashPo,  and listener Lorna Garano serves up Guardian critique of Winfrey from 2015

–San Francisco’s biggest funders of Dems make news: Susie Buell is pissed at Franken’s treatment, Tom Steyer says he won’t run for Senate or Governor

–in Sunday front-pager, NY Times exposes “one of the biggest intelligence failures” in predicting North Korea’s progress on nukes and rockets

–in 6-3 opinion, Supreme Court orders new trial for black man convicted of murder and rape, based on juror’s racist statements; Clarence Thomas dissents

–the Court also allowed Mississippi to permit LGBTQ discrimination due to “religious freedom”

–federal judge in Las Vegas dismissed charges against Bundy clan over Bunkerville standoff, citing intentional misconduct by prosecutors

–more financial links between Israelis and Kushner company are revealed

–at New York’s Fordham U, Students for Justice in Palestine had to sue administration after it rejected application for campus organization

–compared to its arbitrary and abrupt treatment of Nicaraguans, Salvadorans get 9-month notice that special immigration status is ending; I still oppose the move

–major shareholders of Apple demand that company take steps to limit smartphone addiction among kids

–the powerful documentary about the persecution and imprisonment of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman is now online

–one of Roy Moore’s accusers, Tina Johnson, had her house torched a few days ago

–rooftop fire hits Trump tower