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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Shitstorm Soils All of US

Trump’s denigration of Haiti and Africa as “shitholes” produces backlash from left, and curious rationalizations from most Republicans and allies…--Trump offers weak denials, threatens to tape future meetings, but Sen. Durbin stands by his assertions

--in fresh, in-depth interview, Dr. Justin A. Frank, author of Obama on the Couch and Bush on the Couch, compares Trump’s comments to other pandering

--while Speaker Ryan deplored the comments, many Trump allies offer awkward defense of indefensible remarks

--Dr. Frank also comments on Trump’s insults to Kim Jong-un and the risks of war with North Korea, as Trump says he has “very good relationship” with Kim

--Trump cancels February visit to London, ignoring 1.8 million Brits who objected, and blaming Obama for the “bad deal” for new US embassy

--45 continues to hammer Iran over Obama’s “bad deal” and imposes new sanctions while certifying Iran is in compliance

--British professors challenge The Guardian’s hit piece on critics of Syria’s White Helmets in compelling opinion piece that The Guardian won’t publish

--CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou warns progressives not to trust Hayden, Brennan and Clapper

--new WashPo report on Russian hacking treats all of the Russiagate claims as fact

--Greenwald identifies Pelosi, Schiff and Swalwell as the Dems who gave crucial support to continuation of illegal surveillance on Americans, read it here

--more details emerge about Julian Assange’s grant of citizenship by Ecuador, and the tussle over his future

--New Orleans council unanimously approves resolution supporting BDS for Israel