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PBC News & Comment: I Want My Goddam 4th Amendment Back!

House rebuffs amendments requiring warrants for FBI searches of “702” intercepts, setting stage for 6-year extension of FISA law…..--vote was 256-164, and our Dear Tweeter made contradictory comments on it

--Israel, France and Brazil are now censoring “fake news” online; Greenwald’s article is here

--16 years after first prisoners arrived at Guantanamo, 11 men challenge ongoing incarceration

--Ecuador grants citizenship to Julian Assange in effort to ease him out of their London embassy

--after saying he was 100% willing to be interviewed by Mueller, Trump gets dodgy

--former CIA Russia specialist Ray McGovern fingers the FBI for its role in Russiagate

--WalMart says new tax cuts will enable better wages and benefits….will its workers still need food stamps and Medicaid?

--Administration 45 will allow states to impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients, and Marie Antionette would be thrilled

--federal judge rules that Budget Director Mick Mulvaney can continue moonlighting as he sabotages Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

--Vermont legislature legalizes weed in the Green Mountain state, and New Hampshire may follow suit

--after threats and a writer boycott of Harper’s magazine, the woman who started list of Shitty Media Men identifies herself

--actor James Franco wore a “time’s up” pin at Golden Globes, prompting 5 women to go #MeToo

--Missouri’s Republican governor admits affair, but denies trying to blackmail his mistress

--online photo of full body tattoos led Thai police to arrest former Yakuza leader after 14 years on the lam