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PBC News & Comment: I Want My Goddam 4th Amendment Back!

House rebuffs amendments requiring warrants for FBI searches of “702” intercepts, setting stage for 6-year extension of FISA law…..–vote was 256-164, and our Dear Tweeter made contradictory comments on it

–Israel, France and Brazil are now censoring “fake news” online; Greenwald’s article is here

–16 years after first prisoners arrived at Guantanamo, 11 men challenge ongoing incarceration

–Ecuador grants citizenship to Julian Assange in effort to ease him out of their London embassy

–after saying he was 100% willing to be interviewed by Mueller, Trump gets dodgy

–former CIA Russia specialist Ray McGovern fingers the FBI for its role in Russiagate

–WalMart says new tax cuts will enable better wages and benefits….will its workers still need food stamps and Medicaid?

–Administration 45 will allow states to impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients, and Marie Antionette would be thrilled

–federal judge rules that Budget Director Mick Mulvaney can continue moonlighting as he sabotages Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

–Vermont legislature legalizes weed in the Green Mountain state, and New Hampshire may follow suit

–after threats and a writer boycott of Harper’s magazine, the woman who started list of Shitty Media Men identifies herself

–actor James Franco wore a “time’s up” pin at Golden Globes, prompting 5 women to go #MeToo

–Missouri’s Republican governor admits affair, but denies trying to blackmail his mistress

–online photo of full body tattoos led Thai police to arrest former Yakuza leader after 14 years on the lam