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PBC News & Comment: Chelsea Manning Will Challenge Maryland Sen. Cardin

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning will run for Senate, challenging old, straight, white male Ben Cardin, and centrist Dems launch Russian smears…..–LGBTQ icon Rachel Maddow ignores the news, and Glenn Greenwald and Norman Solomon offer different angles of comment

–CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling released from prison

–with government shutdown looming, this will be a week of bluffing and brinksmanship

–conservaDems join GOP in effort to rollback Dodd-Frank rules on banks, paving the way for a future meltdown

–like Trump on healthcare, DNC chair Tom Perez admits that uniting Democrats isn’t easy

–just a few days after Hawaii’s false alarm, Japanese broadcaster sends text alerts warning of missile attack

–Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard schools George Stephanopolous on the reasons why North Korea wants nuclear weapons, Caitlin Johnston amplifies

–after postponing war games with South Korea, US adds more military assets to the region

–big-screen documentary The Final Year offers puffball insider view of Obama’s foreign policy team of Rhodes, Power, Kerry and Rice, not worth seeing

–Mueller probe uses grand jury subpoena on Steve Bannon

–Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal slimes Rupert’s ex-wife as spy for China

–as oil glut recedes, crude prices rise, and that’s good news for Venezuela, Russia and US environmentalists

–Trump plan to continue support for Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq draws angry response from Turkey

–S. F. Chronicle revisits the role of former Dem Rep. Jane Harman in blocking disclosure of illegal surveillance, forgets to mention how she was wiretapped

–Perris, California is scene of home-school, home-prison for 13, including 5 kids

–actor Aziz Ansari is exposed by one-time date, and feminists criticize the complainant