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PBC News & Comment: Is This “Get Julian Assange” Week??

Media drumbeat builds against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, painting him as nearly friendless, combative and alienating many key former supporters….--Washington Post profiles a German supporter’s visit to Assange

--Daily Beast reports that Freedom of the Press Foundation board debates cutting ties with WikiLeaks

--WikiLeaks has stash of Bitcoin that was worth $29 million, but crytocurrency continues to slide in value

--Bill Clinton fired back at WikiLeaks with carefully-crafted denial that Chelsea used “Foundation funds” for her wedding, based on leaked Doug Band email

--Kevin Gosztola, who covered the Bradley Manning court martial, comments on Chelsea’s plan to run for Maryland Senate seat

--at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold digs deeper into Russian money transfers that were flagged as suspicious

--facing grand jury subpoena, Bannon agrees to interviews with investigators for Mueller probe

--Navy throws the book at ship commanders involved in 2017 collisions at sea

--sordid horsetrading under way on Capitol Hill, as GOP tries to extend budget deadline by freeing a few hostages, but not the Dreamers

--18 Senate Democrats voted for the FISA extension with no amendments, we name names

--TrumpCo spins up terrorism data to justify Muslim ban

--Trump uses misleading poll data from Fox & Friends to claim his support from African Americans has doubled

--Jeff Sessions is blocking Jared Kushner’s effort to reform prison sentencing

--former CIA officer is arrested, suspected of revealing names of CIA assets in China

--Dylan Farrow goes public for first time, accusing her father, Woody Allen of sexual assault

--pornstar Stormy Daniels confirms her romp with Trump that led to $130,000 hush money payment

--Trump’s White House doctor reports on physical, sounds as unbelievable as the Don’s private doctor, Harold Bornstein