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PBC News & Comment: Is This “Get Julian Assange” Week??

Media drumbeat builds against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, painting him as nearly friendless, combative and alienating many key former supporters….Washington Post profiles a German supporter’s visit to Assange

Daily Beast reports that Freedom of the Press Foundation board debates cutting ties with WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has stash of Bitcoin that was worth $29 million, but crytocurrency continues to slide in value

–Bill Clinton fired back at WikiLeaks with carefully-crafted denial that Chelsea used “Foundation funds” for her wedding, based on leaked Doug Band email

–Kevin Gosztola, who covered the Bradley Manning court martial, comments on Chelsea’s plan to run for Maryland Senate seat

–at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold digs deeper into Russian money transfers that were flagged as suspicious

–facing grand jury subpoena, Bannon agrees to interviews with investigators for Mueller probe

–Navy throws the book at ship commanders involved in 2017 collisions at sea

–sordid horsetrading under way on Capitol Hill, as GOP tries to extend budget deadline by freeing a few hostages, but not the Dreamers

–18 Senate Democrats voted for the FISA extension with no amendments, we name names

–TrumpCo spins up terrorism data to justify Muslim ban

–Trump uses misleading poll data from Fox & Friends to claim his support from African Americans has doubled

–Jeff Sessions is blocking Jared Kushner’s effort to reform prison sentencing

–former CIA officer is arrested, suspected of revealing names of CIA assets in China

–Dylan Farrow goes public for first time, accusing her father, Woody Allen of sexual assault

–pornstar Stormy Daniels confirms her romp with Trump that led to $130,000 hush money payment

–Trump’s White House doctor reports on physical, sounds as unbelievable as the Don’s private doctor, Harold Bornstein