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PBC News & Comment: Serial Adulterer Panders to Christian Right

Amid reports of affair with porn actress, Trump exploits Christianists with strong support for anti-abortionists, announces new religious exemption office….–wrenching testimony in Michigan at sentencing hearing for former doctor to gymnastics teams, Larry Nassar

–bipartisan bill in Congress seeks to end protection for harassers and expand support for victims of Congress members and staff

–my union, SAG-AFTRA, is accused of inaction on complaints of sex harassment and assault to actors who aren’t big stars

The Guardian reports that UN officials accused of sex crimes remain in place, while victims are fired and ignored

–Beltway showdown over possible government shutdown produces confusion, dirty deals, and blame game, and Trump makes it all worse

–Republicans, who ignored CHIP insurance program for kids since September, are suddenly now their champions and guardians

–House version of spending bill changes law to let TrumpCo secretly shift intelligence funding, and not report it to Congress

–meet the valve turners, who face prison time for shutting down major oil pipelines in 2016

–John Kelly, the chief of staff supposed to end White House chaos, tells Congress that Trump has “evolved” on The Wall, followed by tweets of contradiction

–sanctuary cities and states brace for rumored ICE sweeps, and California senators challenge threat to charge elected leaders with federal crimes

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports that at least 10 prominent immigrant rights activists are facing deportation

–Trump’s “fake news awards” are really stupid, but do underscore media’s failures that enable his ongoing assault on media credibility

-new Gallup polls shows that confidence in US leadership is at all-time low

–Steve Bannon’s refusal to answer questions at House Intel session was directed from the White House, relayed by lawyer with client conflict

–Trump and Congress treat Puerto Rico like welfare client, imposing means testing for release of disaster loan money

–nuke power India successfully tests ballistic missile….will US and UN impose sanctions