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PBC News & Comment: Dems Fight For Dreamers as Govt. Shutdown Nears

After last-minute meeting with Trump, Schumer reports “no deal” as GOP hypocrites dangle CHIP extension and try to blame Democrats….–both sides posture and bluff, but Dems hold firm on DACA—whoever picked January 19 deadline has deflated Trump’s one-year celebration at Mar-a-Lago

–poll shows public blames Republicans for impending shutdown by 20 points

–Supreme Court takes up Trump Travel Ban 3.0 and blocks lower court ruling that ordered new Congressional district lines in North Carolina

–fresh data confirm that 2016 and 2017 were hottest years on record

–Amazon’s “race to the bottom” contest identifies 20 cities as finalists

–both the Trump and Clinton camps are telling supporters that the Russiagate scandal is about to break their way, bigly:

–House Intel Republicans talk up secret 4-page memo detailing “FISA court abuse”

–both sides cherry-pick transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson

–pro-Trump outlet The Epoch Times publishes graphic chart outlining the Trump version of collusion: by Clinton campaign, FBI, and Obama appointees

–the same source reports that pop star Moby was recruited by CIA friends to post anti-Trump talking points

–at The Nation, James Carden asks why the media is blacking out Simpson’s testimony about billionaire Bill Browder, father of the Magnistsky Act

–Russiagate promoter Seth Abramson cherry-picks from Simpson’s testimony to House Intel, focusing on Trump’s corrupt deals with Russians

Vice cherry-picks its favorite parts of the House transcript

–Rachel Maddow went deep on McClatchy’s thin report on NRA ties to Russian banker, and suggest that rubles were snuck into Trump campaign, with no proof

–Robert Parry of Consortium News, one of the most important observers of Trump/Russia, is hospitalized following December stroke

–pro-Israel and anti-BDS, Kenneth Marcus glides to confirmation at Education Dept. civil rights post

–listener Ian Berman comments on Rexxon Tillerson’s shifting policies on Syria

–ACLU wins suit demanding disclosure of Stingray and other surveillance toys

–in long report based on Snowden archives, The Intercept warns that NSA has very sophisticated voice print technology

–the only decent coverage of Chelsea Manning’s Senate bid is in The Guardian

–report says Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock acted alone, ignoring real-time evidence of multiple shooters

–TSA in Newark actually intercepted fake bomb in test by unnamed media group

–LA Times votes to unionize the newsroom

–in Hawaii, porn viewing surged after missile attack false alarm