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PBC News & Comment: After 60-hour Shutdown, Dems Blink

Moderate Democratic Senators, many fearing re-election, collapse after McConnell delivers promises for DACA vote soon—but can he be trusted?….–Trump’s ever-shifting demands muddy the waters, prevent resolution

–millions of women marched on Saturday all over the nation, but lack focused message or set of demands

–San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer continues to focus on impeachment, as Dem leaders avoid it

–MeToo was a unifying theme for many marchers and at the SAG Awards, where leading men were treated like extras and Mean Moms won attention

–GOP house leader bumped from Ethics Committee after revelation of settlement with former employee who rejected his advances

–Whoops! NSA lost eavesdropping data critical to lawsuits, and FBI can’t locate text messages at center of controversy

–at ConsortiumNews, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern offers history of past erros that led to zero accountability

NY Magazine publishes a fair article on Glenn Greenwald’s skeptical view of Russiagate

–at Guantanamo, prosecutors demand to keep torture evidence secret, ensuring an unfair trial

–man from Columbus, OH who went to Syria and trained with al-Nusra is sentenced to 22 years

–on Mideast trip, VP Pence offends king of Jordan, and quotes Bible to Knesset in Israel as Palestinian lawmakers are ejected after protest of embassy move

–Pennsylvania’s supreme court rejects gerrymandering, orders new Congressional boundaries to be drawn

–NJ Dem Sen. Bob Menendez will be re-tried on corruption charges

–after defending a bishop in Chile, Pope Francis apologizes and tries to remove papal slippers from mouth

–LA coroner releases report on Tom Petty’s death from pain killers, and his family invites others to learn from his errors