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PBC News & Comment: Leakers Say Trump Tried to Fire Mueller

In latest leak from White House and/or special counsel investigation, Trump is reported to have tried to fire Mueller last June…..–White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to quit, and Trump backed down; it was an act of pragmatism, not principle

–in Davos, Trump calls report “fake news” and gets boos and hisses from global elite when he attacks US media

–Trump kept to the teleprompter in Davos speech, praising himself for stoking the US economy

–as usual, he lied and exaggerated; he also almost apologized to Britain for re-tweeting hate video

–in New Orleans, supporters of Israel force rescinding of broad human rights resolution that was interpreted to support BDS

–Trump’s nativist advisor, Stephen Miller, wrote Trump immigration plan that requires extortion payments to liberate Dreamers

–Trump’s appointee to manage detained immigrants, Scott Lloyd, has repeatedly tried to block women in his custody from choosing abortion

–FBI accused of targeting “black identity extremists” when white supremacists have far killed more cops in recent years

–as Supreme Court halts execution of Alabama man with dementia, Justices Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch want you to know they’re “hangin’ judges”

–Oscar-nominated “Dunkirk” draws fire for using unpaid prison labor to build sets

–Trump’s UN envoy, Nikki Haley, says it’s “disgusting” to hear reports that she’s having an affair with the Orange Combover

–GOP donor and casino mogul Steve Wynn is accused of multiple cases of sex harassment and assault

–little-known actress Regina Simmons accuses action star Steven Seagal of rape in 1993

–Hillary Clinton declined to fire 2008 campaign worker who was accused of harassment

–currently the world’s best-selling novelist, Margaret Atwood challenges MeToo’s lynch-mob justice

–San Francisco’s spike in car break-ins hit 30,000 last year, and the conviction rate for online reports of break-ins is dismal