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PBC News & Comment: Journalist Robert Parry Dies, Major Loss to US Media

Robert Parry, veteran independent investigative reporter and founder of ConsortiumNews, dies at age 68, leaving a legacy of gutsy reporting

–Bob Parry’s son, Nat, posted the news and warm remembrances

–Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and longtime contributor to ConsortiumNews, comments

–in a separate interview with McGovern (released today without any subscription requirements), he says that Nunes memo will shift Russiagate to FBIgate

–latest reported leaks indicate that Trump considered firing Rod Rosenstein, too

–FBI Director Chris Wray finally saw the secret Nunes memo, then forced out his deputy director, Andrew McCabe

–Democrats are pushing for law to limit Trump’s ability to fire Mueller, and Republicans waffle

NY Times columnist David Leonhardt drafts impeachment charge of obstruction of justice for Trump