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In-Depth Interview: Former CIA Veteran Ray McGovern Honors Robert Parry, and Continues His Work on Russiagate

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Bob Parry, who passed away on January 27, left a legacy of critical investigative reporting.  Ray McGovern was a good friend, and continues Parry’s fight for the truth about “Russiagate”.Ray McGovern served at the CIA for almost 30 years, and is a founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which published its open letters to presidents and many articles by McGovern over the years at ConsortiumNews.  When I called McGovern to comment on Parry’s death, we decided to do a longer interview about the latest developments in the Trump/Russia scandal, largely based on the investigative groundwork that Parry left us with.

We talk about the text messages sent by the 2 FBI lovebirds, investigator Peter Strozk and lawyer Lisa Page; the secret 4-page memo by GOP staffers of House Intel that claims an FBI-led scheme to hurt Trump and help Clinton; today’s firing of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe (who ran the Clinton email investigation and the Trump campaign investigation); and the recent leak-based reports that Trump threatened to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and the man he reports to, Rod Rosenstein.

McGovern sees a major conflict looming over release of the memo and a potential Deep State firestorm if it is released.  And in honor of Bob Parry, we will continue to work to expose the truth about Russiagate, wherever it leads.