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PBC News & Comment: Kansas Law To Squelch BDS Support is Struck Down

In first important legal victory since enactment of laws punishing BDS supporters, federal court overturns Kansas law, citing First Amendment….

--Greenwald's report on court ruling is here

--British court strikes down “Snooper’s Charter” laws that enable mass surveillance like America’s

--Trump lumbered through an 80-minute teleprompter State of the Union speech, dispensing the usual platitudes and sweeping promises

--the most alarming item is that he’s ordered Guantanamo to stay open, and inferred he will add more prisoners

--he exploited the parents of teens killed by MS-13, and left the impression that all immigrants are deadly gang members; read the facts here

--your humble host has launched a new podcast series at WhoWhatWhy, first episode looks at FBI “domestic terrorism” cases in Bay Area; listen here

--in FBI frame-up from 12 years ago, Lodi case of Hamid Hayat gets appeal hearing, exposing evidence hidden by prosecutors that appears to exonerate him

--FBI challenges the accuracy of unreleased memo that accuses FBI of lying to FISA court to obtain warrants to monitor Trump campaign members

--NY Times reports on the unseen memo, says it’s aimed at undermining Mueller

--Bob Menendez, the slimy Dem senator from NJ, will likely avoid retrial on corruption charges

--Hillary Clinton now says she should’ve fired her “faith advisor” and serial sexual harasser

--WashPo columnist Alyssa Rosenberg: “Hillary Clinton and I are done

--in October’s Las Vegas massacre, court documents are unsealed and review investigation of man who sold ammo to Stephen Paddock

--Scott Lloyd, anti-abortion extremist who runs Refugee office, not only tried to block abortions for detainees, he wanted to abort a drug-induced abortion as it was in progress