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PBC News & Comment: Washington’s High-Stakes Game, ‘I’ve Got a Secret’

Ancient TV game show, I’ve Got A Secret, is model for the current high-risk game of leaking and releasing classified info….–watch Ronnie Reagan on the game show here

–TrumpCo makes some redactions, sends Nunes memo back to Nunes for release

–under attack, FBI and Justice square off against Nunes and Trump, with Dems tossing eggs from the peanut gallery

–leakstorm continues, with CNN reporting on Peter Strzok’s role in re-opening of Clinton email investigation in October, 2016

–in likely leak from Mueller investigation, NY Times reports on interviews with Trump staffers about 45’s role in drafting misleading press statement

–at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson explains the rationale and precedents behind FBI and DOJ arguments for keeping memo secret, and it’s about other secrets

–court rules that protections for head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are valid, but don’t apply because the post was vacant

–CFPB shuts down Office of Fair Lending with bullshit explanations

–Wall St. whistleblower Nomi Prins identifies the key administration players who are reducing regulation and enforcement, cruising to another meltdown

–another test of America’s oversold “missile defense” fails off Hawaii

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NY Times reports that dictators like Egypt’s al-Sisi are even more autocratic since Trump discarded human rights promotion

The Guardian cites former Bush-era supporters of Guantanamo who warn that keeping the prison open is a huge blunder

–from the Syrian-Turkish border, NY Times reporter warns of conflicts between US and Turkish troops, and relays naïve beliefs by Kurds of US support

–UN human rights agency has compiled list of 200+ companies doing business in occupied West Bank

–Israel, after interfering in free speech rights of Americans regarding BDS, interferes in Poland to preserve free speech about the Holocaust

–Jacobin posts roundtable on Brazil and Lula

–Real News report sounds alarm on huge oil spill in E. China Sea