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PBC News & Comment: Senate Budget Deal Bypasses Trump

Pelosi stages filibuster-ish speech in House, demanding pledge from Speaker Ryan on DACA vote before approving budget deal, averting shutdown….--as Schumer and McConnell bask in bipartisanship, debt ceiling looms, and their deal funds wars that Trump hasn’t started yet

--Trump dares Dems to shut down as Gen. Kelly slimes Dreamers who were “too lazy to get off their asses”

--Palestinian leader Abbas is exposed for spying on Palestinians and collaborating with CIA

--the chaos in Libya created by Obama and Clinton only gets worse as Trump can’t devise a policy, and Russia steps in

--Washington Post runs lengthy story on Chris Steele, who is being accused by Sen. Grassley of lying to FBI

--another Post story downplays deep FISA flaws noted in Nunes memo while defending FBI from accusations it misled FISA court

--Rep. Adam Schiff claims there’s “a lot of evidence of collusion”

--in new in-depth PBC interview, Dr. Rich Shames challenges consensus view on fluoridation of public water supplies

--Nashville’s female mayor admitted an affair with cop in her security detail….is she being treated differently from male politicians who philander?

--Buzzfeed report on NY teen raped by cops exposes 35 states where officers can claim “consensual” sex while on duty