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PBC News & Comment: Senate Budget Deal Bypasses Trump

Pelosi stages filibuster-ish speech in House, demanding pledge from Speaker Ryan on DACA vote before approving budget deal, averting shutdown….–as Schumer and McConnell bask in bipartisanship, debt ceiling looms, and their deal funds wars that Trump hasn’t started yet

–Trump dares Dems to shut down as Gen. Kelly slimes Dreamers who were “too lazy to get off their asses”

–Palestinian leader Abbas is exposed for spying on Palestinians and collaborating with CIA

–the chaos in Libya created by Obama and Clinton only gets worse as Trump can’t devise a policy, and Russia steps in

Washington Post runs lengthy story on Chris Steele, who is being accused by Sen. Grassley of lying to FBI

–another Post story downplays deep FISA flaws noted in Nunes memo while defending FBI from accusations it misled FISA court

–Rep. Adam Schiff claims there’s “a lot of evidence of collusion”

–in new in-depth PBC interview, Dr. Rich Shames challenges consensus view on fluoridation of public water supplies

–Nashville’s female mayor admitted an affair with cop in her security detail….is she being treated differently from male politicians who philander?

Buzzfeed report on NY teen raped by cops exposes 35 states where officers can claim “consensual” sex while on duty