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PBC News & Comment: YouTube Is Hub For Disinformation

While Google is filtering out independent media sites from search results, co-owned YouTube is full of unfiltered disinformation, anything goes...--new study by the Guardian shows YouTube gave 6-to-1 preference to Trump in 2016 without even a hint of Russian manipulation, just American profiteering

--Facebook’s latest changes emphasize local news and pets of friends, raising charges of censorship from World Socialist Web Site

--two great listeners named Jon and George tracked down the link to FISA court decision mentioned yesterday; read the 99-page document here

--as expected, Trump’s lawyers advise him not to talk to Mueller, even though he’d really like to

--Steve Bannon defies subpoena from House Intel, which voted to release the Democratic memo in rebuttal to Nunes memo

--Trump’s casual comment that Dems who refused to applaud him at State of the Union were “treasonous” draws fire from Sen. Tammy Duckworth

--Trump irresponsibly inserts himself into auto accident that killed NFL player, saying that The Wall would’ve prevented it

--he didn’t tweet about the bungled FEMA response in Puerto Rico, where only 50,000 meals were delivered under contract for 30 million

--after almost 5% drop yesterday, stock market zooms down, then up, closing 2.3% up from yesterday’s close

--GOP number crunchers forgot about the cash needed to cover their new tax law, so debt ceiling must be raised pronto

--and that complicates the latest maneuvers to avoid another government shutdown on Friday

--in shift from its ruling on North Carolina gerrymandering, Supreme Court allows redistricting to go forward in Pennsylvania

--Michael Foster, the Valve Turner who shut down Keystone pipeline, got a 3-year prison sentence, with 2 years deferred

--Steve Horn reports that many Obama administration alumni are working for frackers and gas exporters

--Newsweek purges editors and reporters who tried to expose Newsweek owners’ ties to Christian sect

--British judge upholds Assange’s arrest warrant

--US is quietly shifting troops from Iraq to Afghanistan