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PBC News & Comment: YouTube Is Hub For Disinformation

While Google is filtering out independent media sites from search results, co-owned YouTube is full of unfiltered disinformation, anything goes…new study by the Guardian shows YouTube gave 6-to-1 preference to Trump in 2016 without even a hint of Russian manipulation, just American profiteering

–Facebook’s latest changes emphasize local news and pets of friends, raising charges of censorship from World Socialist Web Site

–two great listeners named Jon and George tracked down the link to FISA court decision mentioned yesterday; read the 99-page document here

–as expected, Trump’s lawyers advise him not to talk to Mueller, even though he’d really like to

–Steve Bannon defies subpoena from House Intel, which voted to release the Democratic memo in rebuttal to Nunes memo

–Trump’s casual comment that Dems who refused to applaud him at State of the Union were “treasonous” draws fire from Sen. Tammy Duckworth

–Trump irresponsibly inserts himself into auto accident that killed NFL player, saying that The Wall would’ve prevented it

–he didn’t tweet about the bungled FEMA response in Puerto Rico, where only 50,000 meals were delivered under contract for 30 million

–after almost 5% drop yesterday, stock market zooms down, then up, closing 2.3% up from yesterday’s close

–GOP number crunchers forgot about the cash needed to cover their new tax law, so debt ceiling must be raised pronto

–and that complicates the latest maneuvers to avoid another government shutdown on Friday

–in shift from its ruling on North Carolina gerrymandering, Supreme Court allows redistricting to go forward in Pennsylvania

–Michael Foster, the Valve Turner who shut down Keystone pipeline, got a 3-year prison sentence, with 2 years deferred

–Steve Horn reports that many Obama administration alumni are working for frackers and gas exporters

–Newsweek purges editors and reporters who tried to expose Newsweek owners’ ties to Christian sect

–British judge upholds Assange’s arrest warrant

–US is quietly shifting troops from Iraq to Afghanistan