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PBC News & Comment: US Now Willing to Meet Directly with North Korea

During visit to Olympics, VP Mike Pence agreed to talks with North Korea with no pre-conditions, then added several pre-conditions…–listener and activist Grant Gibson from Portland, OR launches petition to replace sanctions on N. Korea with economic engagement; you can add your name here

–Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi starts military trial for slapping Israeli soldiers and remains jailed as media are blocked from the proceedings

–Israeli police recommend charges against Netanyahu in 2 corruption investigations, as 2 more inquiries continue

–America’s spy bosses appeared before Senate Intel today, FBI chief Wray contradicts White House’s shifting story on Rob Porter’s spousal abuse history

–DNI Coats also diverges from Trump, saying Russia is trying to undermine midterm elections with bots and propaganda

–Mad Dog Mattis abruptly fired top officer at Guantanamo’s kangaroo court last week

–Senate moves into 2nd day of debate over immigration, it’s going to get messy

–Trump’s budget plan won’t be enacted, but details big moves toward oligarchy

–Trump’s long-delayed infrastructure plan draws attacks from all sides

–“Trump Slump” in gun sales leads Remington to bankruptcy

–Pentagon has quietly added 4,000 dishonorable discharges to list that is supposed to prevent them from owning guns

–in NY court, novel lawsuit goes to trial tomorrow, seeking to overturn federal marijuana laws

–the People’s Republic of Berkeley city council is considering a declaration of sanctuary city—for cannabis

–as Trump was being installed, Susan Rice sent herself a cover-your-ass email that is drawing attention from Republicans

Vice is tweaking Buzzfeed over its plans to identify true and false items in Steele dossier

–check out the Moderate Rebels podcast here, as Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton reveal the corporate backers of Vice

–also, listen to Jen Briney’s amazing Congressional Dish podcast, where she uses the NDAA to explain US role in Ukraine’s coup