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PBC News & Comment: US Now Willing to Meet Directly with North Korea

During visit to Olympics, VP Mike Pence agreed to talks with North Korea with no pre-conditions, then added several pre-conditions…--listener and activist Grant Gibson from Portland, OR launches petition to replace sanctions on N. Korea with economic engagement; you can add your name here

--Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi starts military trial for slapping Israeli soldiers and remains jailed as media are blocked from the proceedings

--Israeli police recommend charges against Netanyahu in 2 corruption investigations, as 2 more inquiries continue

--America’s spy bosses appeared before Senate Intel today, FBI chief Wray contradicts White House’s shifting story on Rob Porter’s spousal abuse history

--DNI Coats also diverges from Trump, saying Russia is trying to undermine midterm elections with bots and propaganda

--Mad Dog Mattis abruptly fired top officer at Guantanamo’s kangaroo court last week

--Senate moves into 2nd day of debate over immigration, it’s going to get messy

--Trump’s budget plan won’t be enacted, but details big moves toward oligarchy

--Trump’s long-delayed infrastructure plan draws attacks from all sides

--“Trump Slump” in gun sales leads Remington to bankruptcy

--Pentagon has quietly added 4,000 dishonorable discharges to list that is supposed to prevent them from owning guns

--in NY court, novel lawsuit goes to trial tomorrow, seeking to overturn federal marijuana laws

--the People’s Republic of Berkeley city council is considering a declaration of sanctuary city—for cannabis

--as Trump was being installed, Susan Rice sent herself a cover-your-ass email that is drawing attention from Republicans

--Vice is tweaking Buzzfeed over its plans to identify true and false items in Steele dossier

--check out the Moderate Rebels podcast here, as Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton reveal the corporate backers of Vice

--also, listen to Jen Briney’s amazing Congressional Dish podcast, where she uses the NDAA to explain US role in Ukraine’s coup