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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Spy Chiefs Promote Vague New ‘Russian Meddling’

Continuing to promote the unproven “Russian meddling” claims of Obama’s team, Trump appointees peddle vague threats to the midterm elections…--NBC exposed for false report of penetration of state election systems by Russians, and nobody seems concerned about manipulation by Americans

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola comments on the spook parade

--listener Joe Clerici tipped PBC that James Risen at The Intercept also covered the CIA’s bungled effort to reclaim stolen NSA cyberweapons, as CIA boss says “fake news”

--as immigration bills languish in Senate, McConnell drops poison pill that would punish sanctuary cities and states

--in Washington state, undocumented man called 911 to report an intruder, the cops arrested him and turned him over to ICE, while releasing the trespasser

--second federal judge challenges Trump’s decision to end DACA, leaving dreamers as hostages with $25 billion ransom demand for The Wall

--Trump’s budget plan to cut food stamps says “Let them eat snake”

--in effort to avoid campaign law violation, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen claims he paid Stormy Daniels to keep quiet in 2016 from his own funds

--after long avoidance of Trump’s “Pocahontas” barbs, Sen. Elizabeth Warren finally talks about it

--Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ordered GOP lawmakers to re-draw gerrymandered House districts, so Republicans threaten to impeach justices

--Taliban leaders send long open letter suggesting peace talks in Afghanistan

--Netanyahu lashes out at investigators over potential corruption charges that he compares to Swiss cheese

--yesterday, we mentioned the Moderate Rebels podcast about Vice news and its corporate backers; Vice is facing lawsuits from female employees re: equal pay

--my friend Pete McCloskey was featured in Olympics coverage about his service as a Marine in the Korean War