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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Indictment of Russians Is A Dud

Mueller indicts 13 Russians and St. Petersburg troll farm for pro-Trump social media activity, promoting false hope for Russiagate fans….–the indictment doesn’t name any government agencies or officials, and it’s highly doubtful that any trial will ever happen

–we get comment from Yasha Levine, author of Surveillance Valley

–at The Intercept, James Risen goes deep on Russiagate, asking “Is Donald Trump a Traitor?”

–Steve Bannon has been meeting with Mueller investigators, and refused to answer most questions at House Intel interview

–Senate majority played Dems on immigration after Schumer decoupled budget from DACA, and the Dreamers remain hostage to Washington gridlock

–in Israel, Netanyahu’s politics of division intensifies as Bibi faces corruption charges, and uses African refugees like Trump uses Dreamers

–Trump has not defended Netanyahu in corruption probe, and smacked him in interview with Israeli newspaper

–despite hush money payments, Trump’s harlots are telling their stories

–FBI now admits it failed to follow up on 2 explicit warnings about Nikolas Cruz

–new book shares the story of Trump’s first chief of staff, Reince Priebus

–in the Senate, immigration session is hampered by Trump White House

–Travel ban 3.0 is blocked by another appeals court

–Trump inaugural committee made some big paydays for cronies

–VA chief David Shulkin and EPA wrecker Scott Pruitt explain travel expenses

–FCC inspector general is investigating rule change that allows right-wing Sinclair to own more TV stations

Empire notes:

–Trump hates foreign aid, but Rexxon Tillerson just gave Jordan a raise

-US watches as other nations pledge $30 billion to rebuild Iraq

–Pakistan asks Trump to pay for 1,800 mile wall on border with Afghanistan