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In-Depth Interview: Journalist Darwin BondGraham Details 5 Problematic Bay Area Cases of ‘Domestic Terrorism’

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Paid social media tipsters, paid informants, FBI agents posing as terrorists, plots devised and facilitated by those agents: these are common threads in recent Bay Area cases of “domestic terrorism”, says reporter Darwin BondGraham….

This podcast was originally posted at as the first in a new series of podcast interviews by your humble host.  

BondGraham is an investigative and political reporter for the East Bay Express in Oakland, CA and you can read his report Terror or Entrapment?”

BondGraham looked into five recent cases of “domestic terrorism” in the San Francisco Bay Area that seem to follow a predictable script, involving social media surveillance, paid FBI informants and the “pre-crime” strategy used by the Bureau.

These five cases are among hundreds that represent a national trend. The investigations often seem to be tainted by undercover agents posing as terrorists, and by “recruitment” methods that verge on entrapment.

All of these cases appear driven by a deep-seated Islamophobia, and arguably siphon off FBI resources that might better be used for more worthwhile counterterrorism investigations.