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PBC News & Comment: Can Parkland Survivors Change Gun Law Dynamics?

One week after Parkland, Florida shooting, students galvanize support for gun regulation, and draw attacks from conservatives, gun lobby….--the Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh led local vigil here in Marin County, as students and activists see opening to press for new gun laws

--right-wing pundits tried patronizing the students, and quickly moved to attacking them as tools of liberals and media

--gun lovers use lame, tired arguments about hardening campuses and arming teachers

--in Florida, upcoming election for governor and Senate put pressure on Gov. Rick Scott and others to “do something”

--Trump seems to be getting gun control advice from Geraldo Rivera

--Vox posts video from comedy show in Holland that skewers Americans and NRA

--Mueller scores another scalp, as Manafort lawyer pleads guilty to lying

--Trump continues attack on Obama for failing to stop Russiagate, and the Washington Post races to Obama’s defense

--in another dangerous embrace of the FBI by the left, Dem leaders ask for extra $300 million to fight phantom election threats this year

--Russian exile Masha Gessen has some cogent comments on Mueller indictmens

--smart comments on Yasha Levine interview from Holland, Switzerland and Hawaii

--in Israel, Netanyahu ally calls for his resignation after top aide sings to prosecutors and report that different aide tried to bribe judge to go easy on Mrs. Netanyahu

--Crown Prince Jared Kushner fights for access to secrets without security clearance

--The Intercept reports that Mueller is investigating Kushner’s efforts to get loans for 666 5th Avenue, mixing personal and government business

--Trump budget zeroes out modest funding for earthquake alert system….payback to a Blue State?

--Billy Graham, the first megapreacher who made extreme evangelicals seem mainstream, dies at age 99