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PBC News & Comment: Guantanamo Descends Into Its Own Hell

As military tribunals break down, and public information is declared secret, Guantanamo is metastacizing as a cancer on “American justice”…..–after Cole bombing suspects’ lawyers quit in protest, judge indefinitely suspends the trial and Mattis fires “convening authority” to tamper with the process

–at WhoWhatWhy, James Henry explains why 9/11 plotters can’t get a fair trial

Shadowproof reports that Trump legal filing says Gitmo will stay open until fighting ends in Afghanistan

–Kevin Gosztola also reports on the 10-year lawsuit against military contractor CACI over torture at Abu Grhaib

–Trump sat through a “listening session” with school shooting survivors, but only heard calls to put more guns on school campuses

–the NRA keeps the ATF(E) on a very short leash, hobbling enforcement of current laws

–in fresh, in-depth interview, Pulitzer prize winning author David Cay Johnston exposes Trump’s financial lies and schemes, in this clip, he slams Trump’s self absorption and lack of interest in anyone else

–this week’s right wing talking point: Mike Flynn was railroaded, and should withdraw his guilty plea

–Mueller files new sealed document in Manafort case, and leaks indicate he will be charged with more bank fraud claims

The Intercept’s Lee Fang exposes NY Democratic congressional candidate Patrick Ryan, who doesn’t tell voters about his surveillance work

–facing expulsion from California Senate for harassment claims, Tony Mendoza resigns, as MeToo leader Cristina Garcia takes leave to address charges of misbehavior and retribution