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PBC News & Comment: Guantanamo Descends Into Its Own Hell

As military tribunals break down, and public information is declared secret, Guantanamo is metastacizing as a cancer on “American justice”…..--after Cole bombing suspects’ lawyers quit in protest, judge indefinitely suspends the trial and Mattis fires “convening authority” to tamper with the process

--at WhoWhatWhy, James Henry explains why 9/11 plotters can’t get a fair trial

--Shadowproof reports that Trump legal filing says Gitmo will stay open until fighting ends in Afghanistan

--Kevin Gosztola also reports on the 10-year lawsuit against military contractor CACI over torture at Abu Grhaib

--Trump sat through a “listening session” with school shooting survivors, but only heard calls to put more guns on school campuses

--the NRA keeps the ATF(E) on a very short leash, hobbling enforcement of current laws

--in fresh, in-depth interview, Pulitzer prize winning author David Cay Johnston exposes Trump’s financial lies and schemes, in this clip, he slams Trump’s self absorption and lack of interest in anyone else

--this week’s right wing talking point: Mike Flynn was railroaded, and should withdraw his guilty plea

--Mueller files new sealed document in Manafort case, and leaks indicate he will be charged with more bank fraud claims

--The Intercept’s Lee Fang exposes NY Democratic congressional candidate Patrick Ryan, who doesn’t tell voters about his surveillance work

--facing expulsion from California Senate for harassment claims, Tony Mendoza resigns, as MeToo leader Cristina Garcia takes leave to address charges of misbehavior and retribution