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PBC News & Comment: Finally, Some Informed, Critical Debate of Russiagate

At The Intercept, Greenwald and Risen spar over Russian meddling, while The Nation offers 2 views from Dreyfuss and Maté….–you can watch the Risen-Greenwald exchange here

–Drefuss offers some interesting speculation based on Dutch intel, while Maté looks at hyped reactions to Mueller indictment of 13 Russians

–at The Guardian, Thomas Frank deplores the hysteria, too

–at Consortium News, Ray McGovern muses about his Day One as CIA director, getting to the bottom of Russiagate

–after waffling, Manafort’s partner Rick Gates decides to plead guilty to money laundering, bank fraud and tax fraud; fascinating, unrelated to Russian “meddling”

–as Ivanka arrives in South Korea for Olympics closing events, Daddy announces more sanctions on North Korea

–Trump tosses red meat at CPAC, talks tough about locking down schools and arming teachers

The Atlantic posts essay from radiologist who examined Parkland victims, and AR-15 bullets are far for lethal than handgun bullets

–GOP Gov. Rick Scott, with an eye on Senate race, bucks NRA in support of raising minimum age for all gun purchases in Florida

–Missouri’s GOP Gov. Eric Greitens is indicted in attempted blackmail of paramour

–after years of downplaying hacking threats to voting machines, NY Times Magazine this Sunday presents “The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine”

–Bernie Sanders’s son Levi considers run for NH congressional seat, upsetting other Dems already in the race

–Lee Fang exposes how OxyContin maker Purdue funded foundation in effort to roll back liability for executives

–refugees rejected by Australia are trickling in to US, as Trump begrudgingly honors Obama’s agreement