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PBC News & Comment: Finally, Some Informed, Critical Debate of Russiagate

At The Intercept, Greenwald and Risen spar over Russian meddling, while The Nation offers 2 views from Dreyfuss and Maté….--you can watch the Risen-Greenwald exchange here

--Drefuss offers some interesting speculation based on Dutch intel, while Maté looks at hyped reactions to Mueller indictment of 13 Russians

--at The Guardian, Thomas Frank deplores the hysteria, too

--at Consortium News, Ray McGovern muses about his Day One as CIA director, getting to the bottom of Russiagate

--after waffling, Manafort’s partner Rick Gates decides to plead guilty to money laundering, bank fraud and tax fraud; fascinating, unrelated to Russian “meddling”

--as Ivanka arrives in South Korea for Olympics closing events, Daddy announces more sanctions on North Korea

--Trump tosses red meat at CPAC, talks tough about locking down schools and arming teachers

--The Atlantic posts essay from radiologist who examined Parkland victims, and AR-15 bullets are far for lethal than handgun bullets

--GOP Gov. Rick Scott, with an eye on Senate race, bucks NRA in support of raising minimum age for all gun purchases in Florida

--Missouri’s GOP Gov. Eric Greitens is indicted in attempted blackmail of paramour

--after years of downplaying hacking threats to voting machines, NY Times Magazine this Sunday presents “The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine”

--Bernie Sanders’s son Levi considers run for NH congressional seat, upsetting other Dems already in the race

--Lee Fang exposes how OxyContin maker Purdue funded foundation in effort to roll back liability for executives

--refugees rejected by Australia are trickling in to US, as Trump begrudgingly honors Obama’s agreement