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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Moves Dreamers from Hostages to Limbo

Supreme Court decline’s Trump demand for immediate review of DACA suspension, easing hostage status of Dreamers, who remain in Limbo…–after phone call with angry Trump, Mexico’s president aborts visit to US, b’cuz Mexico ain’t gonna pay for Trump’s wall

–in my new podcast at WhoWhatWhy, Carlos Hidalgo gives first-person account of his experience in ICE prison

–Supreme Court heard oral arguments in union-busting case, and Justice Gorsuch had no questions or comments

–the case is the result of well-funded, long-term effort to take down public employee unions and end their support for Democrats as NY Times reports

–federal appeals court in NY rules that ban on sex discrimination covers sexual orientation, too

–in response to lawsuit challenging Trump’s arbitrary order to end 2 regulations for each new one, court says plaintiffs haven’t proven damage so far

–local regulations prevented Burning Man volunteers from donating shipping containers for temporary housing for Wine Country fire victims

–Broward sheriff is quibbling over the number of contacts with Parkland accused shooter Nikolas Cruz, saying it was only 23, not 39 or 45

–Dems’ rebuttal to Nunes memo is published with redactions, adds a crucial date to FISA timeline, showing Steele dossier not basis for original investigation

–conservative, Republican-leaning columnist Ruben Navarratte, Jr. gets it right—Trump and Clinton divided the US in 2016, not Russians

–in fresh, in-depth interview podcast, Adam Eichen, Rabbi Michael Pollak and Rachel Murphy talk about restoring democracy in Pennsylvania

–in California, progressives block Sen. Feinstein from Dem endorsement for re-election

–in China, term limits will be scrapped to make Xi Jinping the new Mao

–should American Zionist Sheldon Adelson be allowed to donate to cost of new US embassy in Jeruslaem?

–VIPS sends new open letter to Trump warning of risk of war with Iran

–European leaders propose new agreement with Iran