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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Moves Dreamers from Hostages to Limbo

Supreme Court decline’s Trump demand for immediate review of DACA suspension, easing hostage status of Dreamers, who remain in Limbo…--after phone call with angry Trump, Mexico’s president aborts visit to US, b’cuz Mexico ain’t gonna pay for Trump’s wall

--in my new podcast at WhoWhatWhy, Carlos Hidalgo gives first-person account of his experience in ICE prison

--Supreme Court heard oral arguments in union-busting case, and Justice Gorsuch had no questions or comments

--the case is the result of well-funded, long-term effort to take down public employee unions and end their support for Democrats as NY Times reports

--federal appeals court in NY rules that ban on sex discrimination covers sexual orientation, too

--in response to lawsuit challenging Trump’s arbitrary order to end 2 regulations for each new one, court says plaintiffs haven’t proven damage so far

--local regulations prevented Burning Man volunteers from donating shipping containers for temporary housing for Wine Country fire victims

--Broward sheriff is quibbling over the number of contacts with Parkland accused shooter Nikolas Cruz, saying it was only 23, not 39 or 45

--Dems’ rebuttal to Nunes memo is published with redactions, adds a crucial date to FISA timeline, showing Steele dossier not basis for original investigation

--conservative, Republican-leaning columnist Ruben Navarratte, Jr. gets it right—Trump and Clinton divided the US in 2016, not Russians

--in fresh, in-depth interview podcast, Adam Eichen, Rabbi Michael Pollak and Rachel Murphy talk about restoring democracy in Pennsylvania

--in California, progressives block Sen. Feinstein from Dem endorsement for re-election

--in China, term limits will be scrapped to make Xi Jinping the new Mao

--should American Zionist Sheldon Adelson be allowed to donate to cost of new US embassy in Jeruslaem?

--VIPS sends new open letter to Trump warning of risk of war with Iran

--European leaders propose new agreement with Iran