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PBC News & Comment: Is Kim Jong-un More Rational, More Stable than Trump?

Presenting as a skilled, crafty negotiator, “Little Kim” shocks US and South Korea with offer to suspend nuclear, missile tests…--over dinner with South Korean delegation, Kim shows he can turn on a dime, faster that Trump

--in new, wide-ranging interview about Russiagate, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter says Russian intelligence DID hack DNC, but no proof of handoff to WikiLeaks; his Truthdig article is here

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola exposes the false claim by GOP of Russian bots promoting pipeline protests, and the silence of Dems obsessed by Russiagate

--Norman Solomon slams MSNBC for excessive coverage of Russia scandal and ignoring important news, like US involvement in Yemen war

--Dark Prince Bibi spreads doom and gloom at AIPAC, targeting Iran, again

--as historian/author Gareth Porter buttresses the case that Iran didn’t really have a nuclear weapons program, and US fabricated intelligence to support “Merlin”

--in the Senate, Democrats pave the way for major rollback to Dodd-Frank, a huge blunder based on electoral fortunes, not protecting consumers

--in op-ed, Mike Konczal asks “Why are Dems helping Trump dismantle Dodd-Frank?”

--overdoses spiked by one-third last year, as federal judge in Cleveland tries to fast-track massive settlement of 400+ cases against Purdue, distributors and retailers

--scaled-down trials of inaugural protests continue, as undercover operative prepares to testify

--Megan Barry resigns as Nashville mayor in wake of affair with bodyguard

--West Virginia teachers held out, forced GOP-controlled legislature to cough up measly 5% raise

--robotic cars are being tested here in California, leading to road rage incidents

--Russ Solomon, founder of Tower Records chain, dies at age 92