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PBC News & Comment: Is Kim Jong-un More Rational, More Stable than Trump?

Presenting as a skilled, crafty negotiator, “Little Kim” shocks US and South Korea with offer to suspend nuclear, missile tests…–over dinner with South Korean delegation, Kim shows he can turn on a dime, faster that Trump

–in new, wide-ranging interview about Russiagate, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter says Russian intelligence DID hack DNC, but no proof of handoff to WikiLeaks; his Truthdig article is here

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola exposes the false claim by GOP of Russian bots promoting pipeline protests, and the silence of Dems obsessed by Russiagate

–Norman Solomon slams MSNBC for excessive coverage of Russia scandal and ignoring important news, like US involvement in Yemen war

–Dark Prince Bibi spreads doom and gloom at AIPAC, targeting Iran, again

–as historian/author Gareth Porter buttresses the case that Iran didn’t really have a nuclear weapons program, and US fabricated intelligence to support “Merlin”

–in the Senate, Democrats pave the way for major rollback to Dodd-Frank, a huge blunder based on electoral fortunes, not protecting consumers

–in op-ed, Mike Konczal asks “Why are Dems helping Trump dismantle Dodd-Frank?”

–overdoses spiked by one-third last year, as federal judge in Cleveland tries to fast-track massive settlement of 400+ cases against Purdue, distributors and retailers

–scaled-down trials of inaugural protests continue, as undercover operative prepares to testify

–Megan Barry resigns as Nashville mayor in wake of affair with bodyguard

–West Virginia teachers held out, forced GOP-controlled legislature to cough up measly 5% raise

–robotic cars are being tested here in California, leading to road rage incidents

–Russ Solomon, founder of Tower Records chain, dies at age 92