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PBC News & Comment: Another Critical US Intelligence Failure

US intelligence community, preoccupied with the Russiagate psy-op, missed North Korea’s weapons breakthrough, and Putin’s new weapons systems recently revealed…NY Times misses the lede in analysis of Trump vs. Russia on “election meddling” and the new arms race: the CIA, once again, missed the boat

–Ray McGovern was a top Soviet expert at CIA, offers informed commentary on Putin’s claim of strategic parity with US

–to distract from the arms race and new cold war, Trump stumps for his trade war, pissing off Republicans and generating applause from Labor and some Dems

–Israel’s Netanyahu, who meddled in the 2016 election, meets Trump to share the sorrows of being investigated

–since judges blocked Trump’s cancellation of DACA, Dreamers rally as Congress ignores them in order to take no action on gun control

–Rev. Moon’s son Sean held the mass wedding and AR-15 blessing in Pennsylvania last week

–NYU Media Prof. Mark Crispin Miller needs our help.  After 6 years of medical oddyssey, he’s been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease.  If you’re able to, please donate at Paypal, and link to

–12 “moderate” Dem Senators are ready to kill Dodd-Frank on false premise of rescuing community banks, as potential prez candidates jockey for position

–the divide among Dems is more visible as primaries approach, and progressives gain traction, see this report

–South Korean envoys met with Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang, and got invited to dinner

–Angela Merkel finally forms a government in Germany, as angry Italian voters send mixed message

–in Honduras, an executive with the dam development company is arrested in the death of Berta Caceres

–my favorite union leader, Rose Ann DeMoro of National Nurses United, is retiring