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PBC News & Comment: Another Critical US Intelligence Failure

US intelligence community, preoccupied with the Russiagate psy-op, missed North Korea’s weapons breakthrough, and Putin’s new weapons systems recently revealed…--NY Times misses the lede in analysis of Trump vs. Russia on “election meddling” and the new arms race: the CIA, once again, missed the boat

--Ray McGovern was a top Soviet expert at CIA, offers informed commentary on Putin’s claim of strategic parity with US

--to distract from the arms race and new cold war, Trump stumps for his trade war, pissing off Republicans and generating applause from Labor and some Dems

--Israel’s Netanyahu, who meddled in the 2016 election, meets Trump to share the sorrows of being investigated

--since judges blocked Trump’s cancellation of DACA, Dreamers rally as Congress ignores them in order to take no action on gun control

--Rev. Moon’s son Sean held the mass wedding and AR-15 blessing in Pennsylvania last week

--NYU Media Prof. Mark Crispin Miller needs our help.  After 6 years of medical oddyssey, he's been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease.  If you're able to, please donate at Paypal, and link to

--12 “moderate” Dem Senators are ready to kill Dodd-Frank on false premise of rescuing community banks, as potential prez candidates jockey for position

--the divide among Dems is more visible as primaries approach, and progressives gain traction, see this report

--South Korean envoys met with Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang, and got invited to dinner

--Angela Merkel finally forms a government in Germany, as angry Italian voters send mixed message

--in Honduras, an executive with the dam development company is arrested in the death of Berta Caceres

--my favorite union leader, Rose Ann DeMoro of National Nurses United, is retiring