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PBC News & Comment: As Midterm Primaries Start, Progressives Must Fight

Among Dem congressional challengers, the largest group is former military and intelligence types, as establishment attacks progressives in several states….--in Houston, progressive Laura Moser wins Dem field despite attacks from DCCC

--in Illinois, Old Guard leader Mike Madigan drops loads of lies on lefties

--California Senator Kamala Harris, rumored as 2020 Dem presidential candidate, tries to hide her visit to AIPAC

--Senate Dems, in election-year stunt, propose paying for infrastructure by rolling back some GOP tax cuts

--staging a Republican stunt, Jeff Sessions parachutes into Sacramento after suing California over sanctuary law

--FBI exposed for paying Geek Squad workers to report kiddie porn on computers they fix, in violation of 4th Amendment

--Shadow Brokers files left clues of NSA hacking other governments

--listener Ford Greene has comments about Scott Ritter interview

--Ray McGovern observes that Jane Mayer and Cenk Uygur have “jumped the shark” on Russiagate

--Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone derides the blacklist created by Russiagate

--timing couldn’t be worse as Trump announces new sanctions on N. Korea over murder of Kim’s half brother

--top Trump economic advisor Gary Cohn jumps ship over tariffs

--as Myanmar genocide grows, US Holocaust Memorial withdraws award to Aung San Suu Kyi

--leaks from Muller probe show interest in George Nader, UAE and secret meeting in Seychelles

--Lee Camp is a funny lefty, and he lists 6 ways the “resistance” has helped Trump