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PBC News & Comment: As Midterm Primaries Start, Progressives Must Fight

Among Dem congressional challengers, the largest group is former military and intelligence types, as establishment attacks progressives in several states….–in Houston, progressive Laura Moser wins Dem field despite attacks from DCCC

–in Illinois, Old Guard leader Mike Madigan drops loads of lies on lefties

–California Senator Kamala Harris, rumored as 2020 Dem presidential candidate, tries to hide her visit to AIPAC

–Senate Dems, in election-year stunt, propose paying for infrastructure by rolling back some GOP tax cuts

–staging a Republican stunt, Jeff Sessions parachutes into Sacramento after suing California over sanctuary law

–FBI exposed for paying Geek Squad workers to report kiddie porn on computers they fix, in violation of 4th Amendment

–Shadow Brokers files left clues of NSA hacking other governments

–listener Ford Greene has comments about Scott Ritter interview

–Ray McGovern observes that Jane Mayer and Cenk Uygur have “jumped the shark” on Russiagate

–Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone derides the blacklist created by Russiagate

–timing couldn’t be worse as Trump announces new sanctions on N. Korea over murder of Kim’s half brother

–top Trump economic advisor Gary Cohn jumps ship over tariffs

–as Myanmar genocide grows, US Holocaust Memorial withdraws award to Aung San Suu Kyi

–leaks from Muller probe show interest in George Nader, UAE and secret meeting in Seychelles

–Lee Camp is a funny lefty, and he lists 6 ways the “resistance” has helped Trump