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PBC News & Comment: Shocking!! Twitter is Full of Fake News!

MIT study shows that false information travels faster, further on Twitter; don’t blame bots….it’s humans who share sketchy content….--federal court begins trial of suit brought by Tweeters who claim Trump doesn’t have the right to block them

--NY Times reports that right wingers are amping up attacks on Google and Facebook for censorship, but don’t mention crackdown on indy/lefty media

--Our Dear Tweeter has launched his trade war, and promises to be flexible—call that arbitrary—in its implementation

--US Steel says Trump’s tariffs prompted callback of 500 laid off workers near St. Louis, but it appears the move was going to happen before Trump’s announcement

--Trump re-killed the TPP, and the other parties have signed a new trade deal

--strengthening Mueller’s likely findings of obstruction of justice, Trump has talked with witnesses interview by investigators

--Trump and Huckabee Sanders keep claiming Stormy Daniels is a liar, as Trump’s lawyer gets funky restraining order to silence porn actress

--at Shadowproof, Will Parrish uses FOIA to show that FBI was monitoring peaceful, anti-racist protesters before Charlottesville, not the violent white supremacists

--Senate may vote on modified Crapo bill to undermine Dodd-Frank Friday, but will senators know what’s in the damn bill? David Dayen is doing great reporting

--facing restive voters and a challenge from her left, Sen. Dianne Feinstein sharpens attacks on Trump to compensate for previous comments

--House Dems say they will spend $43 million to elect a new crop of spies and soldiers, but only have $11 million in the bank

--climate change lawsuit brought by 21 Oregon youth under age 21 is cleared for trial after appeals court rejects government appeal

--students can take credit for pressuring Florida legislature to pass a gun law, but Gov. Scott opposes the part about arming teachers

--the narrative of the Pulse nightclub massacre is shifting, as Glenn Greenwald claims there’s no evidence Omar Mateen was gay, or had been to Pulse before

--after blasting California with stunt lawsuit over sanctuary laws, Jeff Sessions gets plenty of return fire