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PBC News & Comment: At Light Speed, Trump Agrees to Meet Little Kim

An alien to diplomacy, Trump quickly agrees to meet Kim Jong-un, replacing tense standoff with uncertainty of mano-a-mano negotiations….–Trump did not consult with Rexxon Tillerson or anyone else outside White House

–State Dept. veteran Peter van Buren, who served 4 years in S. Korea, has some smart comments about Trump’s move

–van Buren also comments on Russiagate, and his article this week about the role of surveillance and leaks in Mueller investigation

–in England, police are using Amazon’s robot Alexa in ways that alarm privacy advocates

NY Times keeps Russian troll farm story alive, with details of fake persona used to interact with Trump campaign team in Florida

–listener Merl in Michigan tips to rumors that Justice Kennedy will retire soon

–will Democratic leaders reduce or eliminate superdelegates?

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports on Arizona immigrant activist who was picked up by ICE

–in attacking Oakland mayor for warning of impending ICE raid, Trump gets the facts wrong

–Trump claims he “drained the swamp” but 24 lobbyists and FBI chief got waivers

–John McCain and Angelina Jolie pen op-ed calling on US to save Rohynga from genocide

–US Africom leader admits US has not disclosed half of recent airstrikes on Libya

–Trump administration blocks Idaho from issuing substandard health insurance, but urges the state to try again

–“mommy, who is Stormy Daniels, and why is she on 60 Minutes this Sunday?”

–most Americans cheer as Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli gets 7 years, big fine

–Vatican puts Archbishop Romero and Pope Paul VI on sainthood road, but ignores Romero’s commitment to liberation theology

–WestCoast sardine population has collapsed

–Crown Prince Jared met with Mexico’s president….did he ask for a loan?

–Saudis permit major pop star to perform, but “no dancing…or swaying” allowed