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PBC News & Comment: At Light Speed, Trump Agrees to Meet Little Kim

An alien to diplomacy, Trump quickly agrees to meet Kim Jong-un, replacing tense standoff with uncertainty of mano-a-mano negotiations….--Trump did not consult with Rexxon Tillerson or anyone else outside White House

--State Dept. veteran Peter van Buren, who served 4 years in S. Korea, has some smart comments about Trump’s move

--van Buren also comments on Russiagate, and his article this week about the role of surveillance and leaks in Mueller investigation

--in England, police are using Amazon’s robot Alexa in ways that alarm privacy advocates

--NY Times keeps Russian troll farm story alive, with details of fake persona used to interact with Trump campaign team in Florida

--listener Merl in Michigan tips to rumors that Justice Kennedy will retire soon

--will Democratic leaders reduce or eliminate superdelegates?

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports on Arizona immigrant activist who was picked up by ICE

--in attacking Oakland mayor for warning of impending ICE raid, Trump gets the facts wrong

--Trump claims he “drained the swamp” but 24 lobbyists and FBI chief got waivers

--John McCain and Angelina Jolie pen op-ed calling on US to save Rohynga from genocide

--US Africom leader admits US has not disclosed half of recent airstrikes on Libya

--Trump administration blocks Idaho from issuing substandard health insurance, but urges the state to try again

--“mommy, who is Stormy Daniels, and why is she on 60 Minutes this Sunday?"

--most Americans cheer as Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli gets 7 years, big fine

--Vatican puts Archbishop Romero and Pope Paul VI on sainthood road, but ignores Romero’s commitment to liberation theology

--WestCoast sardine population has collapsed

--Crown Prince Jared met with Mexico’s president….did he ask for a loan?

--Saudis permit major pop star to perform, but “no dancing…or swaying” allowed