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PBC News & Comment: TrumpCo Joins Anti-Russian Hysteria

Augmenting Britain’s claims of Russian nerve agent attack, US says Russian hackers can sabotage our power plants, using dubious “evidence”….--NY Times breaks the story, linked to new sanctions announced Thursday

--but they left out the "evidence", a reconstructed screen shot, available here

--the Russian whistleblower who revealed Novichok agents says “Russia did it, or someone who read my book” which contained formulas, reports Moon of Alabama

--with Putin’s re-election Sunday all but assured, Kremlin plans response

--British opposition leader Jeremy Corbin is blasted for skepticism of May’s claims

--in our new, in-depth interview, Prof. Lisa Hajjar lays out the facts of CIA Director nominee Gina Haspel, read Hajjar’s commentary at The Nation

--WashPost publishes John Kiriakou’s powerful rejection of Haspel

--Haspel would inherit Mike Pompeo’s killer squads

--My Lai massacre in Vietnam was 50 years ago today; US invasion of Iraq was 15 years this month; Syrian war marks 7 years today

--Trump expands the trade wars, targeting China with $30 billion-plus in tariffs

--Mueller has subpoenaed all Trump Organization documents related to Russia

--Don, Jr gets divorce papers from wife Vanessa

--after Senate passes dangerous banking bill, House chair promises to make it worse

--black man who was beaten at Charlottesville gets frivolous counter-charges dismissed

--Southern Poverty Law Center apologizes to Max Blumenthal and others after it posted article smearing them as Russian stooges

--ACLU sues over detention of asylum seekers

--in California, immigrant couple dies after fleeing from random ICE roadside stop

--Limbaugh blames Obama for pedestrian bridge collapse in Florida

--Louis Slaughter, upstate New York congresswoman with southern accent, dies at age 88 during 16th term in office