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PBC News & Comment: Will Americans Unfriend Facebook?

Facebook stonewalled on data grab by Cambridge Analytica, exposing the depth of information Facebook collects on its users, for profit….--Zuckerberg remains silent as British Information Commissioner seeks warrant and blocks Facebook contractor from auditing Cambridge Analytica

--in US, Federal Trade Commission and state prosecutors weigh action based on FTC consent decree from 2011 and the user agreement that no one has ever read

--Facebook demoted security chief Alex Stamos after he clashed with other execs

--former Facebook manager, who now works at Uber, left after his warnings were ignored 

--London’s Channel 4 conducted sting operation, captures Cambridge boss bragging about bribery and extortion as campaign tactics

--in first fatality involving driverless car, Uber vehicle struck pedestrian in Tempe, AZ

--ignorant of recent American history, Trump launches new War on Some Drugs, threatens death penalty for opioid kingpins…will he execute a corporation?

--more package bombs bound for Austin found at FedEx depot after one explodes

--while ignoring violent white extremist groups, FBI has been monitoring peaceful black activist groups

--Homeland Security released its controversial “Race Paper”, 100% blacked out

--former British ambassador Crig Murray reports that Iran was able to brew up some Novochik from whistleblower’s formula

--Trump hammers Mueller as his lawyers say the investigation should end

--John Brennan’s tweeted retort to Trump was deadly, but his words could easily be applied to Brennan himself; Ray McGovern comments

--in oral arguments, Supreme Court seems ready to overturn California law requiring anti-abortion clinics to tell the truth

--SCOTUS declined to accept review of Pennsylvania gerrymandering case

--Mississippi’s new abortion law with 15-week limit is likely to reach the top court

--federal appeals court in DC hears arguments about Guantanamo’s “forever” prisoners, but inidcations aren’t promising

--former French president Sarkozy is detained in investigation he took bribes from Qaddafi in 2007, years before France joined US in toppling Libyan leader