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PBC News & Comment: Dems Tip Senate Vote to Evade War Powers

As Saudi prince visits Washington, Senate Dems provide vote margin to abrogate responsibility for war powers; US role in Yemen continues….--10 Democrats enable Trump to continue US partnership with Saudi Arabia in its bloody war, as Trump praises Saudi Arabia as great customer of US weapons

--Israeli government finally confirms its bombing raid on alleged Syrian nuclear reactor site in 2007, uses it to threaten Iran

--in new in-depth interview, Alison Weir details Israel’s worldwide web trolling and information management program, which fights facts with propaganda

--Turkish forces continue war on Kurds in Syria, and Erdogan says he will advance into Iraq, too

--in latest White House leak, Trump’s refusal to use talking points in Putin phone call is exposed, and he’s pissed

--Trump has gotten some White House staff to sign non-disclosure agreements, some with $10 million penalty

--Trump-Putin phone call may lead to meeting, which may lead to arms control talks

--another government shutdown looms on Friday, as leaders exclude members from negotiations, and even the content of the massive spending bill

--critics of The Wall note that Coast Guard intercepted over 5,000 pounds of cocaine on the high seas in past 2 months

--spending bill may carry the “Cloud Act” as an amendment, ACLU warns of threat to 4th amendment, and prospect of other governments spying on Americans

--Senate Intel committee issues recommendations on election security

--Greg Palast says Cambridge Analytica’s targeting doesn’t compare with Karl Rove’s

--in Illinois primary, Dems retain Rep. Dan Lipinski and choose billionaire J.B. Pritzker to challenge GOP millionaire Bruce Rauner

--Montana judge goes easy on Valve Turner, orders restitution but no jail time for Leonard Higgins

--Austin police report that bombing suspect blew himself up as they closed in

--in Robin Williams biography, actress Pam Dawber says Mork groped Mindy