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PBC News & Comment: Under Siege, Zuckerberg Offers Weak Apologies

After stonewalling Cambridge Analytica data abuse, Facebook founder Zuckerberg gives 4 “exclusive” interviews and offers unconvincing apologies, promises to improve….--in Guardian op-ed, Barry Lynn and Matt Stoller offer 9-point plan for regulating Facebook

--with only 2 dissenters, Senate passes sex trafficking bill that makes platforms responsible for user content, a terrible idea

--Senate Intel members claim Russia is already meddling in midterm elections, without any evidence or details of how they might do that

--nobody’s read the bill, but House passes debt-driven $1.3 Trillion spending bill with lots of bad shit buried inside

--Trump exempts many allies from his tariffs, zeroing in on China while doubling the target amount and expanding the list of exports way beyond steel

--Trump’s lead lawyer on the Russia investigation, John Dowd, quits because Trump ignored his advice

--after Al Franken’s grilling caused Jeff Sessions to lie to Congress, the FBI investigated Sessions, who was unaware his underlings were probing him

--NY Times exposes how Trump allies representing Saudis and UAE sought and bought influence in 45’s White House

--The Intercept reports that Saudi Prince MBS told pals he has Jared Kushner “in his pocket”

--Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi and her mother are both sentenced to 8 months in prison after Ahed slapped Israeli soldier and mom video’d it

--to fill Senate vacancy, Mississippi Gov. Bryant ignores Trump and names Cindy Hyde-Smith to replace Thad Cochran

--in latest essay, Caitlin Johnson offers 6 easy steps to eliminating paranoid conspiracy theorists



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