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PBC News & Comment: Retired Justice Stevens: “Repeal Second Amendment”

John Paul Stevens was one of 4 dissenting votes in 2008 Heller decision, which supported claim of personal gun rights….–read Stevens’ op-ed here

–Sacramento police shooting of unarmed black man sparks ongoing protests

–in Baton Rouge, the cops who killed Alton Sterling escape charges

–good day 2 coverage of FBI misconduct in Orlando trial of Pulse shooter’s widow at WhoWhatWhy  and The Intercept

–in response to PBC interview of James Bamford in WhoWhatWhy podcast, Julian Assange tweets his approval

–in our latest interview podcast, journalist Gareth Porter explains how dangerous John Bolton is, fears he will lead Trump to war with Iran and/or North Korea

–Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie tells Parliament that the firm “cheated” on Brexit by exceeding spending limits by partners

–Wylie also says that Peter Thiel’s big-data firm, Palantir, used Cambridge’s data from Facebook

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang’s report on ICE using Facebook data from Palantir includes unusual slam on editor Ryan Grim

–Zuckerberg refuses to testify in Britain, but it seems he will appear before Congressional committees in April

–Mexico won’t pay for his Wall, Congress coughed up chump change, so Trump looks to Pentagon funds, billing wall as “national security”

–TrumpCo inisists that 2020 census will ask about citizenship, which will seriously undermine accuracy of the count

–White House says it is investigating Crown Prince Jared’s White House meetings that led to $500 million + in loans to Kushner family business

–Catalan independence leader Puigement is jailed in Germany, fighting extradition to Spain