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PBC News & Comment: Retired Justice Stevens: “Repeal Second Amendment”

John Paul Stevens was one of 4 dissenting votes in 2008 Heller decision, which supported claim of personal gun rights….--read Stevens’ op-ed here

--Sacramento police shooting of unarmed black man sparks ongoing protests

--in Baton Rouge, the cops who killed Alton Sterling escape charges

--good day 2 coverage of FBI misconduct in Orlando trial of Pulse shooter’s widow at WhoWhatWhy  and The Intercept

--in response to PBC interview of James Bamford in WhoWhatWhy podcast, Julian Assange tweets his approval

--in our latest interview podcast, journalist Gareth Porter explains how dangerous John Bolton is, fears he will lead Trump to war with Iran and/or North Korea

--Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie tells Parliament that the firm “cheated” on Brexit by exceeding spending limits by partners

--Wylie also says that Peter Thiel’s big-data firm, Palantir, used Cambridge’s data from Facebook

--at The Intercept, Lee Fang’s report on ICE using Facebook data from Palantir includes unusual slam on editor Ryan Grim

--Zuckerberg refuses to testify in Britain, but it seems he will appear before Congressional committees in April

--Mexico won’t pay for his Wall, Congress coughed up chump change, so Trump looks to Pentagon funds, billing wall as “national security”

--TrumpCo inisists that 2020 census will ask about citizenship, which will seriously undermine accuracy of the count

--White House says it is investigating Crown Prince Jared’s White House meetings that led to $500 million + in loans to Kushner family business

--Catalan independence leader Puigement is jailed in Germany, fighting extradition to Spain