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PBC News & Comment: FBI Caught Lying Again, Still Wants Cellphone Backdoor

Scrappy, independent media outlet MintPress News reveals Orlando shooter’s father was FBI informant; new FBI boss wants phone access….–read the MintPress scoop here

NY Times report on Chris Wray’s fear of “going dark” is here

–Trump joins allies, bounces 60 more Russian diplomats in response to unproven allegations of Russian role in attempted poisoning of former Russian spy

–consider the source, but Russia Insider has 30 questions about the Skripal incident

–and The Nation raises some of the same questions

–even an op-ed by Putin critic admits the story is “puzzling”, “blown out of proportion”

–Trump lawyer Michael Cohen threatens Stormy Daniels with legal action for revealing she had been physicaly threatened, keeping the story in the news

–with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal exposing Trump’s affairs, did he wag the dog with Russian expulsions, expanded strikes in Libya, new Gitmo prisoner?

–in my latest WhoWhatWhy interview, intelligence expert James Bamford says he believes Russia hacked DNC, not sure they passed data to WikiLeaks

–Trump claims lawyers are dying to represent him on Russiagate, but Ted Olson and Joe diGenova bail, and he’s left with only Jay Sekulow

–on Saturday, millions nationwide joined students in March for Our Lives

–Sunday’s NY Times was packed with full-page ads ,regarding 9/11 first responders, McDonald’s role in grisly chicken factory farms, opposition to SESTA, Zuck’s apology

–FTC announces new investigation of Facebook as British investigators raid Cambridge Analytica

–latest open memo to Trump from VIPS urges him to withdraw nomination of torturer Gina Haspel to run CIA

–also at Consortium News, Jeff Cohen warns liberals not to be misled by “liberal media”