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PBC News & Comment: FBI Caught Lying Again, Still Wants Cellphone Backdoor

Scrappy, independent media outlet MintPress News reveals Orlando shooter’s father was FBI informant; new FBI boss wants phone access….--read the MintPress scoop here

--NY Times report on Chris Wray’s fear of “going dark” is here

--Trump joins allies, bounces 60 more Russian diplomats in response to unproven allegations of Russian role in attempted poisoning of former Russian spy

--consider the source, but Russia Insider has 30 questions about the Skripal incident

--and The Nation raises some of the same questions

--even an op-ed by Putin critic admits the story is “puzzling”, “blown out of proportion”

--Trump lawyer Michael Cohen threatens Stormy Daniels with legal action for revealing she had been physicaly threatened, keeping the story in the news

--with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal exposing Trump’s affairs, did he wag the dog with Russian expulsions, expanded strikes in Libya, new Gitmo prisoner?

--in my latest WhoWhatWhy interview, intelligence expert James Bamford says he believes Russia hacked DNC, not sure they passed data to WikiLeaks

--Trump claims lawyers are dying to represent him on Russiagate, but Ted Olson and Joe diGenova bail, and he’s left with only Jay Sekulow

--on Saturday, millions nationwide joined students in March for Our Lives

--Sunday’s NY Times was packed with full-page ads ,regarding 9/11 first responders, McDonald’s role in grisly chicken factory farms, opposition to SESTA, Zuck’s apology

--FTC announces new investigation of Facebook as British investigators raid Cambridge Analytica

--latest open memo to Trump from VIPS urges him to withdraw nomination of torturer Gina Haspel to run CIA

--also at Consortium News, Jeff Cohen warns liberals not to be misled by “liberal media”