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PBC News & Comment: MSM Discovers Democrats’ Recruiting Strategy

3 weeks after Patrick Martin published report on former spies and soldiers running for Congress, Politico and WashPo catch up…–new reports don’t mention intelligence veterans, just military vets: Politico story is hereWashPo report is here , and original WSWS series is here

–The Intercept burns another leaker, as black former FBI agent is charged with leaking, to The Intercept

–FBI framed 3 white guys in Kansas, defense lawyers claim

–in Orlando, jury gets the case against Noor Salman, widow of Pulse nightclub shooter, in trial riddled with FBI and prosecution misconduct

–Maha Ahmed at The Intercept details the serious abuse Salman got from her husband

–American photojournalist Matt Schrier, held captive in Syria, blasts Mueller and Comey for FBI handling of the case, on Fox News

–protests continue in Sacramento over cop killing of Stephon Clark, whose brother Stevonte disrupted City Council meeting as Mayor Steinberg kept his cool

–Russia returns fire, expels 60 US diplomats and closes US embassy in St. Petersburg

–in alleged poison attack, Yulia Skripal’s condition improves as investigators say the toxic substance was on the front door of Skripal’s house

–as expected Trump fired VA Director Shulkin, and passes over Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil to appoint White House doctor as replacement

–federal courts stand firm in blocking Trump’s sick attempts to ban transgender soldiers

–Trump renews attacks on Amazon

–Trump attorney Michale Cohen’s attorney is cornered, and says Trump was not aware of Cohen’s hush money for Stormy Daniels

–Fox host Laura Ingraham smeared Florida activist David Hogg; he led boycott of her advertisers, and she apologized

–Oklahama has raised taxes for first time in 28 years to give teachers a raise, but they will walk out Monday because it’s not enough

–new stats on opioid abuse in California show 775% increase in OD drugs