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PBC News & Comment: Media Ignores Gross Misconduct in Orlando Trial

In coverage of acquittal of Orlando shooter’s widow, gross misconduct by FBI and prosecutors is omitted from most MSM reports….–the full story is at WhoWhat Whyand The Intercept …..the AP report got parts of the story, and the NY Times ignored misconduct

–Israel responded to Palestinian protest with snipers who killed at least 15 and wounded hundreds more, as US backs Israel’s rejection of investigation

–hours after Netanyahu announced resettlement plan for Africans in Israel, he suspended it after backlash from his far, far right

–James Corbett fact-checks our former colleague Sibel Edmonds’s recent attacks on Beeley, Bartlett and Ron Paul Institute

–David Hogg’s boycott of Fox advertsiers puts Laura Ingraham on vacation

–John Oliver skewers Sinclair TV’s “forced read” of anti-media screed dictated by corporate HQ

–Britain dribbles more info about Skripal attack, NY Times blames Putin while admitting “no evidence” of his direct participation

–Hypocrite-in-chief leads Sexual Assault Awareness Month and increases budget for failed “abstinence” promotion campaigns

–echoing the campaign that passed unconstitutional Prop 187 in California 25 years ago, Trump launches Easter tweetstorm stoking fear of “caravans”

–new study shows Trump’s linking crime and immigration inaccurate

–Winnie Mandela, scandal-plagued ex-wife of Nelson, dies at age 81