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PBC News & Comment: Clinton’s Black Allies Blast Sanders for Honesty

In comments at MLK event in Mississippi, Sanders said Democrats’ business model is failure, Clintonistas intentionally distort them in attacks….--biased Buzzfeed report sparked many angry Tweets

--my old pal Paul Waldman piled on at WashPost

--6 Gaza protesters were killed today by Israeli soldiers during protest

--as UK leaders and media allies try to shore up the Skripal narrative, it descends into dark comedy over cats and guinea pigs

--NY Times report, buried far from Page 1, admits to secret evidence and scant proof

--TrumpCo announces new sanctions on Russian oligarchs, for unspecified bad shit

--Trump went to West Virginia yesterday, tossed his script, and just told lies, along with fresh references to Mexican rapists that only make sense to the Combover

--Trump finally commented on Stormy Daniels hush payments, and compromised his incredible denials

--Trump was supposed to brag about his tax cuts, which have raised average hourly wage by 8 cents

--45 defended right-wing TV station chain Sinclair this week, our latest in-depth interview is with Cliff Schecter, who once worked for Sinclair

--chief of staff John Kelly has been sidelined, along with his advice to fire Scott Pruitt

--Pruitt’s brazen disregard for ethics and rules is exceeded only by Trump, here's a quick list from Vice

--Facebook’s Mark and Sheryl—our best Friends—offer more apologies, new rules for political ads

--Buzzfeed blasts “2-tiered” privacy system for top execs

--op-ed points out that ISP’s can collect more data than Facebook, thanks to GOP rollback of Obama rule