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PBC News & Comment: Britain’s Flimsy Novichock Claims Are Dissolving

British leaders scramble to defend unproven assertions of Russian responsibility for Skripal attack as experts waffle and Yulia Skripal speaks….–Boris Johnson’s exaggerations belatedly produce some skepticism, demands for evidence

–Craig Murray’s challenges are validated by latest reports

–great news! Joe Lauria named editor-in-chief at ConsortiumNews

–Ray McGovern publishes private note from Poppy Bush about the”crazies” who worked for W, notably John Bolton

ProPublica recounts Bolton’s abrasive style, and addiction to dodgy intel

–will California join other states observing Trump’s decree to send National Guard to the Mexican border? Will Native American tribes offer sanctuary to immigrants?

–Facebook’s Zuckerberg issues mea culpa, offers action plan, and admits that 87 million had data scraped by Cambridge Analytica

–Trump White House throws shade over EPA wrecker Scott Pruitt

–following shooting at headquarters, YouTube feels the pain of wild conspiracy theories like the kind it often promotes

–new study shows Muslim suspects get sentences 4 times longer than others, and 7 times more coverage

–NYPD settlement bans future profiling and spying on Muslims after 6-year battle

–red states embrace evangelical junk science to permit “abortion reversal”

–2 worthy items at NY Times:

–UMich computer science Prof. Alex Haldeman delivers entertaining video take down of US election security

–Rukmini Callimachi’s year-long research of Islamic State explains how they funded their caliphate, and it wasn’t from oil

–Brazil’s Supreme Court sends Lula de Silva to prison, enabling rise of anti-corruption evangelicals