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PBC News & Comment: ‘Mad Dog” Is the Only Rational Trump Advisor

Pentagon boss Gen. Mattis seeks evidence of Syrian chemical attack and expresses caution about military response escalating “out of control”…–French President Macron claims he has “proof” of Assad’s responsibility

–Trump tweets contradict earlier Trump tweets on Syria, Russia and China

–Mnar A. Muhawesh draws on deep sarcasm as she “praises” Muslim Americans who support an attack on Syria

–Trump confounds again, wants to explore joining Trans Pacific Partnership

–in first confirmation hearing for Secretary of State nominee, Dems aren’t too tough on Mike Pompeo

–only 5 Democrats have called on Israel for restraint with Palestinian protesters: Sens. Sanders, Leahy and Warren, and Reps. Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Betty McCollum (D-MN)

–in odd report, OPCW says Novichok was used on Skripals, without actually saying that in public document

–Craig Murray comments on statement attributed to Yulia Skripal

–Facebook’s Zuckerberg was “grilled” for 10 hours in hearings, and successfully dodged many of the 600 questions lobbed at him

NY Times tech report Brian X. Chen got his Facebook data, and has some valid complaints