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PBC News & Comment: ‘Mad Dog” Is the Only Rational Trump Advisor

Pentagon boss Gen. Mattis seeks evidence of Syrian chemical attack and expresses caution about military response escalating “out of control”…--French President Macron claims he has “proof” of Assad’s responsibility

--Trump tweets contradict earlier Trump tweets on Syria, Russia and China

--Mnar A. Muhawesh draws on deep sarcasm as she “praises” Muslim Americans who support an attack on Syria

--Trump confounds again, wants to explore joining Trans Pacific Partnership

--in first confirmation hearing for Secretary of State nominee, Dems aren’t too tough on Mike Pompeo

--only 5 Democrats have called on Israel for restraint with Palestinian protesters: Sens. Sanders, Leahy and Warren, and Reps. Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Betty McCollum (D-MN)

--in odd report, OPCW says Novichok was used on Skripals, without actually saying that in public document

--Craig Murray comments on statement attributed to Yulia Skripal

--Facebook’s Zuckerberg was “grilled” for 10 hours in hearings, and successfully dodged many of the 600 questions lobbed at him

--NY Times tech report Brian X. Chen got his Facebook data, and has some valid complaints