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PBC News & Comment: Saint James Comey’s Book Leaks Before it Drops

MSM drops everything for breathless coverage of fired FBI director’s new book, as Comey dishes on Trump with embarrassing anecdotes….--Democrats have invested heavily in Comey and Mueller, Republicans who presided over expanding police state—despite Comey’s role in Clinton email case

--Trump could be referring to himself, as he tweets that Comey is an “untruthful slime ball”

--Scooter Libby, convicted of perjury and obstruction in 2007 Valerie Plame case, gets pardon from Trump in move that makes sense to Trump, maybe

--in desperate effort to restore attorney-client privilege, Michael Cohen asks judge to block Justice lawyers from reading his files

--looming attack on Syria seems to be on hold after Pentagon boss Mattis asked for proof of Syrian chemical attack, and worried about escalation

--Britain attacks Moscow’s claim of “fake chemical weapons attack” as “blatant lie”

--Veteran Intel Professionals for Sanity send open letter to Trump demanding evidence before any attack is approved

--even Sarah Palin knows that US escalation in Syria is a bad idea!

--at Grayzone Project, Max Blumenthal exposes SAMS as front for USAID, undermining credibility of alleged chemical attack in Douma

--Senate Dems aren’t trying very hard to block confirmation of Pompeo as Secretary of State

--many Senate Dems did fight nomination of coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to #2 post at EPA, but lost in 53-45 vote

--initial reports of today’s Gaza protests show 1 Palestinian killed, hundreds injured

--California Gov. Brown sends 400 National Guard troops to border in response to Trump’s demand, but sharply restricts their mission

--federal judge in LA deals big victory to California, rejecting Trump threats to cut federal police funding over sanctuary laws

--Alice Speri at The Intercept exposes systemic sexual abuse in immigration prisons

--Britain adds more “evidence” to Skripal poisoning claims, from the Minister of Silly Talks

--Trump is going to show Jeff Bezos that Amazon is ripping off the Post Office, as 45 orders new study