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PBC News & Comment: On 4/20, Dems Are Evolving on Legal Weed

Secure in the knowledge that it can’t happen now, Chuck Schumer “evolves” on legalizing cannabis, promoting federal decriminalization in new bill…–the “420” shorthand was coined right here in San Rafael in 1971, details here

—-18 months after the election was stolen for Trump by Americans, Democrats sue Trump campaign for racketeering

–most media outlets are covering the referral of Inspector General’s report on former FBI #2 Andy McCabe

–at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern jabs the media for silence on congressional criminal referrals on Clinton, Comey, Lynch and others

–Comey fatigue sets in as book tour is upstaged by release of his memos of meetings with Trump

Vice, naturally, focuses on the “vice” part, digs up evidence that Trump has lied about how long he was in Moscow in November, 2013 –Trump scoured the country for a well-known sumbag lawyer, and recruited Rudy Giuliani

–DINO Sen. Heidi Heitkamp trades support for Pompeo to improve her reelection prospects, but Foreign Relations committee is expected to reject Pompeo by 1 vote

–Mick Mulvaney proves he hasn’t fully neutered Consumer Financial Protection Board, which slams Wells Fargo with $1 billion fine

–“Justice” Dept is weighing federal charges against the cop who choked Eric Garner

–in our latest in-depth interview, San Francisco public defenders Matt Gonzalez and Francisco Ugarte tell the full story of trial of immigrant accused in Kate Steinle killing

–in new interview at WhoWhatWhy, PBC talks with Charlie Swift, the attorney who won acquittal in trial of the widow of Omar Mateen, accused Orlando shooter, about serious government misconduct in the investigation and trial

–just a week after Trump’s latest raid on Syria, NY Times reports that the strikes did little to weaken Syria’s military

yellow journalism from The Intercept, where Robert Mackey attacks Robert Fisk and others who challenge claims of chemical weapon incident on April 9 in Douma

–Max Blumenthal exposes how allies of White Helmets tried to recruit Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters using Saudi money

–good reporting at The Intercept, where Greenwald explains how Spain used fake claims of Russian meddling in Catalonia to get Ecuador to silence Julian Assange