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PBC News & Comment: GOP Voter Suppression Guru Kris Kobach Rebuked for Contempt

In lawsuit brought by Greg Palast and ACLU, Kansas Secretary of State found in contempt for blocking voters, lying…..–Kobach’s voter suppression schemes are a major focus of our fresh interview with Greg Palast this week

–also in Kansas, 3 self-styled militia members convicted in plot to bomb Somali mosque, in case that featured paid FBI informant

–in Florida, a white nationalist who said that Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz had trained with his group is charged for lying

Vice report exposes white nationalist leaders and groups who are still on Facebook

–Facebook angers users outside of Europe by shifting their servers from Ireland to Silicon Valley in order to escape new European privacy laws

–Michael Cohen drops defamations suits over Steele dossier reports

–Karen McDougal negotiates release from National Enquirer contract that had silenced her

–former Minneapolis FBI agent Terry Albury pleads guilty to leaking to The Intercept, Kevin Gosztola reports

–it took 15 years for CIA to admit it killed Gul Rahman while in custody; his family is still asking what happened to his corpse

–at Gitmo, Mohammed al-Qahtani seeks release after torture compounded pre-existing mental illness

–more abuse at immigration prisons, where corporate operator CoreCivic is charged with putting man in the hole for 10 days over $8 pay dispute

–after California Governor Brown agreed to deploy National Guard at Border, Trump rejects the agreement

–Trump is also intentionally stoking confusion and uncertainty about upcoming talks with Kim Jong Un

NY Times video report shows progress in developing drug to fight drug addiction, as Minnesota authorities close the case of Prince’s overdose without charges

–far-right Trump allies are pressuring #2 AG Rosenstein for release of documents from Mueller investigation

–Eric London at WSWS slams the Pulitzers for rewarding the leak-based reporting of the NY Times and WashPost on Russiagate

Vice video report showcases Bernie Sanders’ ideas to save the Post Office

–scientists report that Great Barrier Reefs were bleached by 2016 heat wave, and may never recover