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PBC News & Comment: Will Supreme Court Uphold Muslim Travel Ban?

In oral arguments, Justices Roberts and Kennedy seem inclined to uphold Trump travel ban 3.0, as lower court extends DACA….–court watchers don’t see 5 justices ready to strike down Trump’s order

–appeals court ridicules Trump’s rational for killing DACA, orders government to resume taking applications

–the caravan of migrants that scared Trump shitless is nearing Tijuana, where as many as 130 will seek asylum

–big victory for “valve turners” who shut down pipelines, as Minnesota appeals court rules in favor of “necessity defense”

–in Philly, Cosby retrial will go to jury soon

remarkable video from Toronto shows cop didn’t shoot van driver who mowed down pedestrians, even though it looked like the suspect was pointing a gun

–Trump’s nominee to run VA will probably withdraw soon, as reports of heavy drinking and abusive management pile up

–US air marshals also have serious drinking problems, and morale issues, new report says

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola tweaks pundit Jonathan Alter for promoting less democracy in Dem primaries

–French President Macron holds hands with Trump, as Melania refuses, but will Macron sway his best bud to stay in Iran deal?

–Mick Mulvaney tells banksters he only meets with donors, and tells Congress to take away control of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, WhoWhatWhy reports

–at Truthdig, Max Blumenthal rebuts specious arguments by Sonali Kolhatkar on credibility of Syrian gas attack reports in Douma