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PBC News & Comment: Cosby Convicted, As Trump Disowns Cohen

Sexual predators top the news, as jury convicts America’s Dad of all rape charges, and Trump self-incriminates on Fox….–your humble host believes the jury verdict, but is not comfortable with the testimony of other Cosby victims whose claims weren’t proven in court

–Michael Cohen has already taken the 5th, and the Stable Genius incriminated himself and Cohen in rambling call to “Fox and Friends” show

–retired judge is appointed Special Master to review Cohen’s files seized by US Attorney

–6 Dem senators voted to confirm Mike Pompeo as Sec State, we name the names

–let’s all drink to Ronny Jackson, Trump’s boozy pick for Veterans agency, who has withdrawn to spend more time with his rum & coke

–EPA director Scott Pruitt tries to fend off tough questions about a range of ethical and judgment issues

–despite Mitch McConnell’s opposition, Senate committee passes “protect Mueller” bill with 4 GOP votes, including the chairman, Grassley

–new report shows that super-secret FISA court rejected and modified record numbers of cases in 2017, but the reasons are, of course, secret

–France’s Macron got the royal treatment from Trump, and Germany’s Angela Merkel will visit the White House for a “working lunch”

–at ConsortiumNews, Norman Solomon slams the DNC for fighting WikiLeaks instead of Wall Street

The Intercept outs #2 House Dem Steny Hoyer, as leaked audio recording shows he pressured Colorado progressive to drop out in favor of conservaDems

The Intercept also has more from California race we covered yesterday, where former Republican and lottery winner Gil Cisneros threatened Dem opponent

–Pelosi offers weak defense of Hoyer’s elbowing of progressives

–after Greenwald exposed her weird claims of hacked Wayback Machine, Joy Reid cancels appearance on panel with gay mayor of South Bend, IN