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PBC News & Comment: Hey Trump: Let Torturer Gina Haspel Withdraw

CIA nominee Haspel offered to withdraw rather than face grilling on her torture background; Trump says Dems oppose “tough woman”…–NSA set record for 2017 surveillance, new report shows

–redaction of GOP-written House Intel report says Comey and McCabe testimony said agents who interviewed Mike Flynn didn’t think he was lying

–Giuliani’s whirling dervish distractathon continues as Rudy says other women may have gotten hush money and Trump may ignore subpoenas

–Trump adds more sideshows, falsely attacking Meuller team as “13 Angry Democrats”

–TrumpCo denies report it hired Israeli private intel agency Black Cube to dig for dirt on Obama’s advisors on Iran nuclear agreement, and journalists

–as deadline looms for Trump to bail from Iran nuclear agreement, Netanyahu ratchets up pressure and Iran responds

–Netanyahu’s chef offends Japanese prime minister by serving dessert in a shoe

–Trump has ordered US funding for Syria’s “White Helmets” eliminated

–Trump tells fans we’ve “gotten rid of Obamacare” but IRS is still enforcing employer mandate

–at last minute, Trump tells W. VA voters not to vote for coal criminal Don Blankenship

–California GOP leaders block anti-Semitic Senate candidate from party confab

innovative new study shows how Dem voters are much more progressive than their leaders

–in San Francisco mayor’s race, candidate Jane Kim blasts the Chronicle for serving up biased questions and inaccurate info