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PBC News & Comment: Hey Trump: Let Torturer Gina Haspel Withdraw

CIA nominee Haspel offered to withdraw rather than face grilling on her torture background; Trump says Dems oppose “tough woman”…--NSA set record for 2017 surveillance, new report shows

--redaction of GOP-written House Intel report says Comey and McCabe testimony said agents who interviewed Mike Flynn didn’t think he was lying

--Giuliani’s whirling dervish distractathon continues as Rudy says other women may have gotten hush money and Trump may ignore subpoenas

--Trump adds more sideshows, falsely attacking Meuller team as “13 Angry Democrats”

--TrumpCo denies report it hired Israeli private intel agency Black Cube to dig for dirt on Obama’s advisors on Iran nuclear agreement, and journalists

--as deadline looms for Trump to bail from Iran nuclear agreement, Netanyahu ratchets up pressure and Iran responds

--Netanyahu’s chef offends Japanese prime minister by serving dessert in a shoe

--Trump has ordered US funding for Syria’s “White Helmets” eliminated

--Trump tells fans we’ve “gotten rid of Obamacare” but IRS is still enforcing employer mandate

--at last minute, Trump tells W. VA voters not to vote for coal criminal Don Blankenship

--California GOP leaders block anti-Semitic Senate candidate from party confab

--innovative new study shows how Dem voters are much more progressive than their leaders

--in San Francisco mayor’s race, candidate Jane Kim blasts the Chronicle for serving up biased questions and inaccurate info