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PBC News & Comment: In CIA Confirmation Hearing “Bloody Gina” Spins Torture

Using legalese to dodge some questions while openly evading others, Gina Haspel shows she is fatally compromised—but expect confirmation….--Haspel says she won’t restart an interrogation program and is pressed to admit that torture doesn’t work, but she still defends past practices

--her actual work history at CIA remains secret from the public

--Haspel says she has a moral compass, was it working in 2003?

--Morroccan woman who was tortured at Thailand black site while pregnant has powerful questions for Haspel and so does Khalid Sheikh Muhammed

--veteran reporter Robert Scheer defines Trump’s “shameful choice” and notes Obama’s dark legacy, too

--our friend Ray McGovern, former CIA officer, interrupted the eharing and was ejected

--in bizarre new leak, Stormy’s lawyer publishes info about Michael Cohen’s bank account, including $500,000 from company linked to Russian oligarch

--Treasury Dept investigates the leaked bank info

--Cohen also was paid by A T & T and Novartis, which has drawn Mueller’s interest since last November

--who is Viktor Vekselberg? Vice offers decent backgrounder

--Trump’s breach of Iran nuclear agreement is a breach with European allies, and sends confusing signals to North Korea, which has released 3 Americans

--Max Boot, necon and PNAC signer, shows remarkable clarity on Trump and Iran

--reacting to Fox & Friends report about negative coverage of The Combover, Trump threatens media