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PBC News & Comment: In CIA Confirmation Hearing “Bloody Gina” Spins Torture

Using legalese to dodge some questions while openly evading others, Gina Haspel shows she is fatally compromised—but expect confirmation….–Haspel says she won’t restart an interrogation program and is pressed to admit that torture doesn’t work, but she still defends past practices

–her actual work history at CIA remains secret from the public

–Haspel says she has a moral compass, was it working in 2003?

–Morroccan woman who was tortured at Thailand black site while pregnant has powerful questions for Haspel and so does Khalid Sheikh Muhammed

–veteran reporter Robert Scheer defines Trump’s “shameful choice” and notes Obama’s dark legacy, too

–our friend Ray McGovern, former CIA officer, interrupted the eharing and was ejected

–in bizarre new leak, Stormy’s lawyer publishes info about Michael Cohen’s bank account, including $500,000 from company linked to Russian oligarch

–Treasury Dept investigates the leaked bank info

–Cohen also was paid by A T & T and Novartis, which has drawn Mueller’s interest since last November

–who is Viktor Vekselberg? Vice offers decent backgrounder

–Trump’s breach of Iran nuclear agreement is a breach with European allies, and sends confusing signals to North Korea, which has released 3 Americans

–Max Boot, necon and PNAC signer, shows remarkable clarity on Trump and Iran

–reacting to Fox & Friends report about negative coverage of The Combover, Trump threatens media