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PBC News & Comment: Too Many Dems Back GOP on Haspel, Israel

As some Democratic senators support Haspel’s CIA confirmation, most Dems support Jerusalem embassy and blame Palestinians for massacre in Gaza….--Warner and Heitkamp support Trump’s pick as Intel committee votes to confirm, 10-5

--60 Palestinians—including 8-month-old baby—were brutally killed along Gaza barrier on Monday, on eve of Nakba’s 70-year mark

--at UN, Nikki Haley walks out on Palestinian, praises Israel’s “restraint”

--UN Human Rights group will investigate, after US blocked Security Council effort

--Vice news boss Shane Smith scores Netanyahu interview, where Bibi shows off Iranian drone and lectures Palestinians

--#2 House Democrat Steny Hoyer blames Palestinians, and joins Sen. Schumer in support of Trump’s move of US embassy to Jerusalem

--some protests in US respond to the carnage

--US media whitewash the killing, we cite commentary from Joe Lauria at ConsortiumNews and Moustafa Bayoumi at Guardian

--in reaction to war games by US and South Korea, North Korea suspends talks with South, placing the Donnie and Kim summit in jeopardy

--former CIA hacker Joshua Schulte is blamed for theft of Vault 7 hacking tools, but is being indicted for child porn charges from 9 years ago

--in annual financial disclosure, Trump admits to repaying Michael Cohen for Stormy Daniels payoff, exposing his failure to report it last year

--perhaps to distract from Haspel vote, Senate Intel dumps documents including interview transcripts while affirming 2016 and 2017 intel reports on Trump/Russia

--NY Times adds new info to FBI’s Trump investigation “Crossfire Hurricane” while burying admission of no public evidence of Trump/Russia collusion