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PBC News & Comment: Too Many Dems Back GOP on Haspel, Israel

As some Democratic senators support Haspel’s CIA confirmation, most Dems support Jerusalem embassy and blame Palestinians for massacre in Gaza….–Warner and Heitkamp support Trump’s pick as Intel committee votes to confirm, 10-5

–60 Palestinians—including 8-month-old baby—were brutally killed along Gaza barrier on Monday, on eve of Nakba’s 70-year mark

–at UN, Nikki Haley walks out on Palestinian, praises Israel’s “restraint”

–UN Human Rights group will investigate, after US blocked Security Council effort

Vice news boss Shane Smith scores Netanyahu interview, where Bibi shows off Iranian drone and lectures Palestinians

–#2 House Democrat Steny Hoyer blames Palestinians, and joins Sen. Schumer in support of Trump’s move of US embassy to Jerusalem

–some protests in US respond to the carnage

–US media whitewash the killing, we cite commentary from Joe Lauria at ConsortiumNews and Moustafa Bayoumi at Guardian

–in reaction to war games by US and South Korea, North Korea suspends talks with South, placing the Donnie and Kim summit in jeopardy

–former CIA hacker Joshua Schulte is blamed for theft of Vault 7 hacking tools, but is being indicted for child porn charges from 9 years ago

–in annual financial disclosure, Trump admits to repaying Michael Cohen for Stormy Daniels payoff, exposing his failure to report it last year

–perhaps to distract from Haspel vote, Senate Intel dumps documents including interview transcripts while affirming 2016 and 2017 intel reports on Trump/Russia

NY Times adds new info to FBI’s Trump investigation “Crossfire Hurricane” while burying admission of no public evidence of Trump/Russia collusion