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PBC News & Comment: Prosecutors Grabbed Email, Phone Records of NY Times Reporter

Investigation of leaks from Senate Intel staffer led to collection of data on reporter Ali Watkins; curiously, NY Times downplays story….–the best coverage so far is from Kevin Gosztola at Shadowproof ;  WashPost’s Margaret Sullivan’s report is pretty good, too

–China is blamed for hacking of Navy contractor that leaked sensitive info on undersea warfare

–that Russian hacking of the DNC? Still unproven, says former CIA analyst Ray McGovern

–Mueller adds new obstruction charges for Manafort, and includes his Russian associate Kilimnik

–petty and petulant, Trump’s attitude preceded his arrival at G-7 summit in Quebec, where he will burn bridges, offend allies, and leave early

–leak from White House says economic advisers know that Trump’s irrational trade war will hurt the US economy

–creating his own reality, Trump says breaking Iran deal has worked, and will have good influence on North Korea talks

–Trump marginalizes Jeff Sessions again, saying he would support bill to allow states to legalize cannabis

–Rudy 9/11’s comments in Israel about Stormy and Little Kim draw stern replies from Melania and Pompeo

–reporter Steve Horn has shifted from the enviro beat to criminal justice, and reports on the DNA tactics used to track alleged Golden State Killer

–Horn also comments on the pro-Dem tilt of environmental reporting

–the battle over superdelegates continues, as DNC meets in Rhode Island

–unidentified Saudi-American man who has been held by the US in Syria may be released, over his own objections

–Facebook waited 16 days to tell users that private posts of 14 million were actually public

–Facebook is hiring fake news snoopers

–Google says it won’t develop AI weapons, but will still take Pentagon money

–in fresh podcast at WhoWhatWhy, Serhii Plokhy explains how the Chernobyl nuclear disaster led to the end of the USSR