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PBC News & Comment: PBS Newshour Fails to Challenge Unproven Claims from Clint Watts

Occasionally, your humble host talks back to the mainstream media; today, a review of PBS interview with Russiagate promoter Clint Watts….--you can watch the PBS interview here

--in video analysis of Stephon Clark killing by cops in Sacramento, it appears that they kept shooting after he was down, and waited 5 minutes to give first aid

--in Oklahoma, teachers are quitting in droves, and Vice video captures their despair

--unions are enjoying a comeback in new media and old media, as New Yorker staff overwhelmingly votes to unionize

--Trump team fines China’s ZTE $1 billion in exchange for relief on cutoff of US parts

--US pulls diplomats from China after symptoms of sonic attacks are reported, similar to unproven complainst from US diplomats in Cuba last year

--North Korea demolishes some missile testing facilities in advance of Singapore summit

--Trump displays equal parts arrogance and ignorance, as he says he doesn’t need to prepare much for Kim meeting

--Trump displayed ignorance and arrogance in recent call with Canada’s Trudeau, claiming Canada burned down the White House in 1814

--Paul Ryan is trying to squelch GOP moderates who want to force a House vote on Dreamers bill

--in Gaza, the family of medic shot last Friday has lost 2 other relatives to the struggle

--Senate investigators say Obama and team lied about effort to help Iran convert money that had been frozen under sanctions

--ABC leaks some details of Justice Dept Inspector General’s report about Comey and the Clinton email investigation

--Ben Carson may as well say “let them eat snake” as he proposes big rent increases for HUD tenants

--Scott Pruitt is asked to stop his discount lunches at the White House mess, and he still has a job