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PBC News & Comment: Trump-Kim Summit is Big on Optics, Little on Details

Images of Trump and Kim offer hope, as summit is focused on generalities that indicate this will be lengthy process…--in rambling, self-congratulatory news conference, Trump says US-South Korean wargames will be suspended, and “scientifically”, denuking will take 15 years

--historian and journalist Gareth Porter says MSM has ignored the serious efforts of North Korea to disarm

--major organs deride the deal, Nick Kristof in NY Times says Trump was “outfoxed” while WashPost conservative Jennifer Rubin says Trump lost

--in latest cruel move against immigrants, Jeff Sessions sharply narrows qualifications for asylum, eliminating gang and domestic violence

--US now imitates Eqypt, uses mass trials to convict and deport migrants

--new Italian leader imitates US, turns away boat with 600 migrants

--in Mexico, 110th murder of politician in last 7 months

--in new interview, military whistleblower Joe Hickman comments on new Burn Pits legislation, the “suicides” of 3 Gitmo prisoners 12 years ago this week, and the way The Intercept and Matthew Cole have burned Reality Winner

--in new interview at WhoWhatWhy, Yasha Levine details Google’s history of contracts with the Pentagon, following worker resistance to Maven project

--judge in Maryland hears arguments on Trump’s violations of Emoluments Clause

--Nevada brothel owner runs for legislature as evangelicals try to close the bordellos

--missing Air Force officer surfaces in California after 35 years