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PBC News & Comment: Trump-Kim Summit is Big on Optics, Little on Details

Images of Trump and Kim offer hope, as summit is focused on generalities that indicate this will be lengthy process…–in rambling, self-congratulatory news conference, Trump says US-South Korean wargames will be suspended, and “scientifically”, denuking will take 15 years

–historian and journalist Gareth Porter says MSM has ignored the serious efforts of North Korea to disarm

–major organs deride the deal, Nick Kristof in NY Times says Trump was “outfoxed” while WashPost conservative Jennifer Rubin says Trump lost

–in latest cruel move against immigrants, Jeff Sessions sharply narrows qualifications for asylum, eliminating gang and domestic violence

–US now imitates Eqypt, uses mass trials to convict and deport migrants

–new Italian leader imitates US, turns away boat with 600 migrants

–in Mexico, 110th murder of politician in last 7 months

–in new interview, military whistleblower Joe Hickman comments on new Burn Pits legislation, the “suicides” of 3 Gitmo prisoners 12 years ago this week, and the way The Intercept and Matthew Cole have burned Reality Winner

–in new interview at WhoWhatWhy, Yasha Levine details Google’s history of contracts with the Pentagon, following worker resistance to Maven project

–judge in Maryland hears arguments on Trump’s violations of Emoluments Clause

–Nevada brothel owner runs for legislature as evangelicals try to close the bordellos

–missing Air Force officer surfaces in California after 35 years